Remembering Selena, On 20th Anniversary Of Her Death - 11 hours ago
Tuesday marks two decades since Selena was shot dead at the age of 23 by the former president of her fan club, Yolanda Saldívar.
Woman Stabs Boyfriend For Eating Too Much Salsa: Cops - 11 hours ago
An Ohio women allegedly stabbed her boyfriend multiple times Sunday after complaining that he had been "eating all of the salsa" they had been shar...
Passenger's thank you note to pilots - 6 hours ago
An airline passenger's touching handwritten letter thanking her pilots for taking her home is being shared across Twitter.
Retired cop dies a hero after saving boy from drowning - 11 hours ago
A retired NYPD detective vacationing in Puerto Rico saved a young boy from drowning — but was then tragically swept out to sea as his horrified wife and kids looked...
Guess What Happened When JPMorgan's CEO Visited Elizabeth Warren's Office - 3 hours ago
WASHINGTON -- A meeting between Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Jamie Dimon deteriorated almost immediately after the JPMorgan Chase & Co. CEO visited the recently re-elected senator and consumer
Buhari 'ahead' in tight Nigeria poll - 10 hours ago
Nigeria's Muhammadu Buhari edges ahead of President Goodluck Jonathan in early election counts, though key states are yet to declare.
Children fear 'addiction to porn' - 10 hours ago
A tenth of 12 to 13-year-olds are worried they are "addicted" to pornography, a study by the NSPCC ChildLine service has found.
Vettori ends New Zealand career - 7 hours ago
New Zealand's Daniel Vettori announces his retirement from international cricket following his side's World Cup final defeat.
Image Of 101-Year-Old With Baby Sparks Unbelievable Response - 5 hours ago
Even Patrick Quinn, co-founder of the popular Life of Dad social media network for dads, was shocked by the flood of photos the site received after posting this picture of a "101-year difference"
Watch Justin Bieber Get Roasted by Martha Stewart, Ludacris and Chris D’Elia - 11 hours ago
"You literally are a guy who has it all. Apart from respect, love, friends, good parents and a Grammy"
Massive power cut has struck across Turkey - reports - 7 hours ago
A massive power cut has struck across Turkey, triggered by transmission line problems. Flightradar reports 11 of Turkey's 16 FR24 air traffic control (ATC) receivers are down and flights in and out
The Podemos revolution: how a small group of radical academics changed European politics - 10 hours ago
Just 15 months after it was founded, Podemos now leads the polls in Spain. Can this grassroots party win power – or is its bubble about to burst?At the start of the 2008 academic year, Pablo
Secular blogger hacked to death - 8 hours ago
When American writer Avijit Roy was hacked to death on a Dhaka, Bangladesh street in full view of horrified onlookers, blogger Washiqur Rahman doubled down.
Cameron’s workers v shirkers scam has at last exposed the Tory law of benefit cuts - 10 hours ago
With the fictional divide beween deserving and undeserving poor collapsing, the Conservatives’ ugly logic is turning into the one story they truly fearIt was the raw early days of the coalition
Indiana Woman Gets 20 Years for Feticide - 11 hours ago
On Monday, the state of Indiana sentenced 33-year-old Indian-American Purvi Patel to 20 years in prison on charges of feticide - an act that causes the death...
B&Q set to close about 60 stores - 9 hours ago
Kingfisher, the owner of DIY chains B&Q and Screwfix, is to close about 60 B&Q stores in UK and Ireland over the next two years.
10 Years After Schiavo's Death, 'End of Life' Debate Rages - 11 hours ago
Ten years after the death of Terri Schiavo, the debate over when to end the life of someone catastrophically ill rages on.
Six killed in Kashmir landslide - 11 hours ago
At least six people have died in landslides following floods in Indian-administered Kashmir, officials say.
Class of 2015 the best says Collins - 4 hours ago
Current Wales squad is the best I have ever played with, says 45-capped West Ham United defender James Collins.
New Google Doodle Honors Opening of Eiffel Tower - 11 hours ago
The Parisian centerpiece was the tallest man-made structure in the world for over four decades
Iraq takes back Tikrit from ISIS - 3 hours ago
Iraqi forces battling to wrest the city of Tikrit from ISIS are now in control of all government buildings in the southeastern part of the city, Iraqi Interior Ministry spokesman Saad Maan said
Myanmar drafts ceasefire with rebels - 8 hours ago
Myanmar's President Thein Sein witnesses the signing of a draft ceasefire agreement between the government and 16 rebel groups.
Surf’s up on this NT river - 2 hours ago
A TOP End fishing charter group has caught on camera a rare event that sees a single large wave push hundreds of kilometres up a river.
Medieval potion kills superbug - 3 hours ago
It might sound like a really old wives' tale, but a thousand-year-old Anglo-Saxon potion for eye infections may hold the key to wiping out the modern-day superbug MRSA, according to new research.
Anger over Zayn Malik song release - 9 hours ago
Louis Tomlinson calls Naughty Boy "inconsiderate" after he shares a new Zayn Malik track on Twitter.
Disney's Mulan set for live-action remake - 11 hours ago
First it was Cinderella, then Beauty and the Beast, and now Mulan is the latest Disney classic to receive the live-action remake treatment.
From rescuer to rescued: Doctor and paramedic save each other's lives 30 years apart - 11 hours ago
Two men in California have saved each other's lives 30 years apart.
The skyscraper that casts no shadow - 6 hours ago
An architecture firm has designed skyscrapers they claim will increase the amount of light that reaches the ground.
16 Beautiful Photos Show Why Great-Grandparents Are So Special - 5 hours ago
"We have been blessed to have our children meet and get to spend time with their great-grandparents," said Trista Larson, who shared a photo of her 80-year-old grandfather Bill and her son Arny with
The Queen of England Is Facing a Staff Revolt at Windsor Castle - 9 hours ago
Staff may withdraw services because of low pay
Andrew Wiggins dunks all over Rudy Gobert not once, but twice - 3 hours ago
You would think Gobert learned his lesson the first time, but nope.
Millions of Americans have little to no money saved - 11 hours ago
Millions of Americans have little to no emergency savings.        
20 years later: Remembering Latin pop star Selena - 5 hours ago
Today marks the 20th anniversary of the death of Latin pop star Selena Quintanilla-Pérez, and fans are flocking to Corpus Christi to celebra...        
Bieber Skewered at Roast Featuring N-Word, 9/11 Gag - 11 hours ago
Troubled pop act Justin Bieber suffered barbs from entertainers comics as they skewered his looks, music and public antics during a celebrity roast.
Ants in space grapple with zero-g - 7 hours ago
A study finds that ants on board the International Space Station still use teamwork to search new areas, despite falling off the walls of their containers for up to eight seconds.
America’s Largest Death Row Has Run Out of Room - 7 hours ago
708 out of 715 death row cells at San Quentin are occupied
Top Gear producer Andy Wilman quits in wake of Jeremy Clarkson sacking - 11 hours ago
In a leaked email Wilman indicates the BBC will try to keep Top Gear going after its controversial host was sacked for allegedly assaulting a producerTop Gear’s executive producer, Andy Wilman, has
Torrential rains bring floods back into northern India - 8 hours ago
Days of heavy rain leave parts of northern India underwater, and further flooding is likely.
‘Emergency alert’ sparks panic among TV viewers nationwide - 7 hours ago
The residents of about a dozen US states received a scare when an ominous message rolled across their TV screens announcing an ‘emergency alert’ with the names of their states – without any
Istanbul prosecutor taken hostage in courthouse by far-left Turkish group - 4 hours ago
An Istanbul prosecutor has been taken hostage by an armed leftist group called the DHKP/C. The official was handling the case of 15-year-old who died in a police gas attack. The attackers posted
Sinfield to join Yorkshire Carnegie - 4 hours ago
Leeds Rhinos captain Kevin Sinfield is to join Championship rugby union side Yorkshire Carnegie at the end of the current rugby league season.
Public transport blind-spot: Prime Minister Tony Abbott's approach is arbitrary and a shame, says Infrastructure NSW - 9 hours ago
The Prime Minister has a blind spot when it comes to public transport, says the head of the state government's infrastructure advisory body.
Bears sign McCullum for T20 Blast - 3 hours ago
Birmingham Bears, the T20 Blast champions, sign New Zealand skipper Brendon McCullum for this summer's tournament.
Stars Launch Jay Z's Music Streaming Service - 10 hours ago
Celebrities including Madonna and Beyonce gather for the launch of Jay Z's pioneering new streaming service.
Kevin Hart to Receive Comedic Genius Award at MTV Movie Awards - 8 hours ago
Kevin Hart will be honored with the Comedic Genius Awards at the MTV Movie Awards next month, MTV announced on Monday, not-so-coincidentally just a few days after Get Hard premiered in theaters. Hart
How Ukraine rebels rely on Russians - 7 hours ago
Rare evidence of key Russian role in Ukraine combat
Will wiser Watson win Masters again? - 10 hours ago
"I know what I need to do" - Bubba Watson is more relaxed as he defends a Masters title for the second time, writes Iain Carter.
Drought Restrictions Take Toll on California's Pools - 11 hours ago
As the state struggles through its fourth year of a drought, communities are putting bans on filling pools or restricting new pool construction.
VIDEO: Joey Essex on meeting Nick Clegg - 6 hours ago
Joey Essex talks about interviewing Nick Clegg, praising the deputy prime minister for his "honesty".
Italian football quiz: Serie A's heyday - 5 hours ago
Today’s questions are singing: ‘Campionato. Di Calcio. Italiano. GOLAZO’Italy v England: 82 years of football rivalry – in picturesHow Lazio won the great Serie A title race of 1999-2000Quiz:
Falcons lose pick after fake noise - 5 hours ago
NFL side Atlanta Falcons lose their draft pick for 2016 and are fined $350,000 for using fake crowd noise at home games.
North to see neurosurgeon for checks - 3 hours ago
George North will see a consultant neurosurgeon to help Northampton Saints assess when the Wales wing can return.
David Beckham and James Corden Strip Down for Underwear Ad Skit - 1 hour ago
Sadly, it's not a real underwear line
Tony Abbott’s big, unspoken problem - 11 hours ago
TONY Abbott has a problem he really doesn’t want to talk about, but sooner or later that won’t fly. This is the issue flying under the radar.
MH17 probe looking for witnesses to back ‘Buk missile’ scenario - 9 hours ago
The international team of experts investigating the MH17 tragedy in eastern Ukraine have called for possible witnesses to turn in any evidence that might back a scenario that the airliner was shot
Germanwings Crash Pilot Was 'Normal Person': Friend - 11 hours ago
The co-pilot who is blamed for crashing a jet into the French Alps was "simply a normal person, with no signs of any problem," a friend said.
'Disarm NYPD' movement grows in New York - 4 hours ago
An activist group calling itself “Disarm NYPD” is seeking to strip officers of their firearms and boot them from select neighborhood streets, all in the name of keeping city citizens safe. A
Pesticides on fruits and vegetables could account for 49 percent loss in sperm - 11 hours ago
A major study of men’s sperm found that those who ate regular quantities of fruit and vegetables that had pesticide residue on them had half the sperm count of men who ate less, a new study
​TEPCO vows to release ‘all Fukushima radiation data’ - 10 hours ago
The nuclear operator of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant has announced that it plans to disclose all data on radiation levels recorded at the site in response to criticism of lack of
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