Follow your convictions – this could be the end of the politics of fear - 5 hours ago
Syriza, Podemos, the SNP: the neoliberal consensus is collapsing. Forget tactical considerations in May and vote Green for a genuine alternativeHere is the first rule of politics: if you never vote
More Pregnant Smokers Quit If Paid, Study - 7 hours ago
Researchers claim giving pregnant smokers financial incentives to quit is a cost-effective way of easing pressure on the NHS.
Cameron’s five-year legacy: has he finished what Thatcher started? - 6 hours ago
Margaret Thatcher wanted to privatise Britain; David Cameron’s ambition went further. Assessing his legacy for their new book, Polly Toynbee and David Walker document the Tory leader’s assault on
New Greek govt furious over EU 'unequivocal' anti-Russia statement - 3 hours ago
The new Greek government has spoken out against the EU partners over the statement that lays the blame for Saturday’s fatal attack on the Ukrainian city of Mariupol on Russia. Hungary, Slovakia
Barb Abney is permanently off the air at 89.3 the Current - 7 hours ago
The Cincinnati-bred DJ was let go by the station Tuesday due to a "programming decision."
N Korea leader 'to visit Russia' - 5 hours ago
Russia says North Korea's leader has accepted an invitation to Moscow, South Korean media reports, but Kim Jong-un is not mentioned by name.
Mister Maker’s crafty plan to return to Australia - 6 hours ago
THE enthusiasm of Mister Makers’ mini fans at the Sydney Opera House has crafted a plan for a return to Australia for a national tour.
Retired Army General says Obama let Al-Qaeda grow ‘fourfold in last 5 years’ - 7 hours ago
Retired military personnel told senators that the lack of White House strategy makes US combat efforts in the Middle East unwinnable. One general added that “failed” policy has allowed Al-Qaeda
All You Could Buy at This Furniture Store Was Pot: Cops - 7 hours ago
The owner of a fake Bay Area furniture store has been accused of growing $2 million worth of pot plants in the back.
Pleas from families of hostages held by ISIS - 2 hours ago
The families of a Japanese journalist and a Jordanian fighter pilot held by ISIS are calling on their governments to do everything they can to save the hostages before time runs out.
India swine flu outbreak 'kills 75' - 4 hours ago
An outbreak of swine flu in India kills at least 75 people in just over five weeks, reports say, with some experts blaming low winter temperatures.
Maureen Lipman: rise in antisemitic attacks may prompt me to leave UK - 4 hours ago
Comic actor says she has considered moving to US or Israel because of increase in attacks on Jews in BritainThe comic actor Maureen Lipman, known for her role as a proud Jewish mother in a series of
Steph Curry hits David Lee with incredible behind-the-head pass - 6 hours ago
Golden State's point guard shouldn't be allowed to pass this well. Goodness.
Indonesian Attorney-General deals blow to Bali Nine's Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran - 5 hours ago
Australians Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan are among the death row prisoners that Indonesia plans to execute next.
Selma star defends Benedict Cumberbatch - 5 hours ago
David Oyelowo, who plays Martin Luther King in Selma, says it's "ridiculous" to attack Benedict Cumberbatch for using the term "coloured" during an interview.
Jon Stewart hammers Don Lemon’s ridiculous Blizzardmobile stunt: ‘Settle down, Batman’ - 7 hours ago
Jon Stewart opened The Daily Show on Tuesday by mocking the coverage of the snowstorm that touched down in the Northeastern U.S. a night earlier –especially CNN host Don Lemon and his
‘Jupiter Ascending’ Debuts to Muted Crowd at Sundance - 5 hours ago
The Sundance Film Festival isn’t a typical launchpad for studio blockbusters, but Warner Bros. surprised theater-goers on Tuesday night by unveiling the Wachowski sibling’s “Jupiter
Nurse appalled after commuters fail to help distressed teenager at Caulfield train station - 7 hours ago
A woman who helped talk down a teenager who was being taunted as he threatened to jump in front of a train approaching a suburban station is appalled dozens of commuters failed to intervene.
5 sub-Earth-sized planets discovered orbiting ancient sun-like star - 4 hours ago
An international team of astronomers has discovered an “unusual” star system that is comprised of the oldest known star hosting planets, 11.2 billion years old. To compare, the Big Bang is
Ghostbusters: Female stars confirmed - 2 hours ago
Bridesmaids co-stars Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy are to reunite in the all-female Ghostbusters sequel, its director Paul Feig confirms.
Mourinho fined for 'campaign' claim - 39 minutes ago
Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho is fined £25,000 by the Football Association over comments about a "campaign" to influence referees.
Super Bowl XLIX Facts You Need to Know - 7 hours ago
Super Bowl XLIX is less than a week away between the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks.
View from the Street: Murdoch tweets Abbott with new instructions - 5 hours ago
And we're thinking of sticking around in Afghanistan, since it's going so well. Your news of the day, reduced to a snarky rant
Women aren't weak, says Indian Navy contingent leader - 4 hours ago
Lt. Cdr. Jayakumar said things are changing fast for women and more opportunities are coming their way
Watch Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Chat During Heat Game - 5 hours ago
Did they just cut a deal?
A defiant Lyft to launch in Philly Friday - 7 hours ago
Lyft, the ride-share service known for the distinctive pink mustaches that adorn its drivers' cars, says it will launch its service in Philadelphia on Friday, in defiance of a ban by the Philadelphia
Darran O'Sullivan quits job to focus on recovery - 7 hours ago
Kerry's Darran O'Sullivan has revealed he has quit his job in order to focus on recovering from a hip injury.
Danny Boyle begins shooting Steve Jobs biopic with Michael Fassbender - 4 hours ago
The fraught production, working from an Aaron Sorkin script, is finally under way, following drop-outs from David Fincher and Christian BaleDanny Boyle’s long-gestating biopic of the late
Ricki Lee’s mum linked to missing woman case - 6 hours ago
RICKI Lee Coulter’s mum’s Gold Coast property has been raided by police. The raid is in connection to the case of Novy Chardon, who vanished two years ago after filing for divorce from her
New ABC sitcom celebrates radical 'gay' activist - 6 hours ago
When older generations think of ABC TV sitcoms, “The Brady Bunch” or “Happy Days” might come to mind. Now, long removed from the days of Richie Cunningham and Alice the housekeeper, the
Roman Mars: The Man Who’s Building a Podcasting Empire - 7 hours ago
Roman Mars thinks public radio needs a tune-up. His popular design podcast, 99% Invisible, was a start, but Mars’ plan for total airwave domination relies on Radiotopia, the podcast collective he
Indonesia’s Jokowi Marks 100 Days of Presidency with Scandal, Falling Support - 5 hours ago
Following a slew of public scandals and broken campaign promises, Indonesia's "new hope" is hemorrhaging support
Crystal City Underground dispute makes its way to court - 7 hours ago
Ruling expected in about 10 days
Bill Nye Says 'Give A F**k' About Climate Change Instead Of Deflategate - 7 hours ago
Bill Nye is weighing in on Deflategate again, but this time he has a few props and a message to share about something far more important. New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick claimed
Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabéu stadium set to be renamed Abu Dhabi Bernabéu - 2 hours ago
• Florentino Pérez caught on camera admitting name change • AS reports the stadium will be called the Abu Dhabi BernabéuThe Santiago Bernabéu stadium will be renamed the Abu Dhabi Bernabéu
Sikh MP Tim Uppal says there is ‘so much we can learn’ from the Holocaust - 7 hours ago
A man in a blue turban stood among thousands in toques, fur hats and yarmulkes in Poland Tuesday to mark the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz
Will Smith’s New Movie Concussion to Be Released on Christmas Day - 4 hours ago
The film is based on the real life struggle of whistleblower Dr. Bennet Omalu
Auckland Nines may hurt NRL teams' premiership hopes, says Cooper Cronk - 6 hours ago
Cooper Cronk has become the latest star to voice concerns over the NRL's jam-packed schedule, the playmaker backing Melbourne's decision to send a youthful squad to the Auckland Nines given the
Care calculator launched by BBC - 6 hours ago
The BBC has launched an online guide about how the care system for the over-65s works and how much services cost.
Family await murder negligence claim - 5 hours ago
The family of a woman who was murdered by her boyfriend after twice calling 999 for help are to find out if they can sue two police forces for negligence.
NHS 'crisis guidelines' questioned - 3 hours ago
New NHS guidelines to some hospitals in England about "major incidents" prompt claims ministers are seeking to deter hospitals from declaring a crisis.
Abbott's domestic violence policy re-announced to 'cover up gaffe' - 4 hours ago
When Prime Minister Tony Abbott stepped up to the lectern to announce his commitment to tackle the scourge of domestic violence on Wednesday, some of his words had a familiar ring.
Government Budget Cuts Are Hitting ‘Red’ States Hardest, Say Analysts - 2 hours ago
Experts suggest the discrepancy may point to the politicalization of public spending
Mark McGowan: the artist taxi driver with a rear-view manifesto - 4 hours ago
Mixing an artist’s eye and cabbie’s perspective, Mark McGowan’s online polemics against social harms he sees caused by politics are moving trafficMark McGowan spends an awful lot of time in
99 suspects in students' deaths - 6 hours ago
Mexican authorities say they're not done. There are still suspects at large they have to detain, and detainees they must try and sentence. But Mexican Attorney General Jesus Murillo Karam says there
GoDaddy Pulls Controversial Puppy Commercial From Super Bowl - 6 hours ago
The commercial caused outrage on social media, with many raising concerns about animal cruelty
Vietnam War-Era Helicopter Crashes, Killing 4 Soldiers - 7 hours ago
Vietnam War-era helicopter crashes on outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City, killing 4 soldiers
Florida cat crawls out of grave - 1 hour ago
A cat in Florida who was presumed dead after being run over appears five days later having somehow escaped its grave.
Many Nova Scotia schools closed again Wednesday - 2 hours ago
Airlines Scramble to Get Back on Schedule After Blizzard - 7 hours ago
Travel on the roads and in the skies began creeping back to normal Wednesday after a blizzard hit the Northeast.
Kenney to resign and run for mayor - 7 hours ago
Regardless of what he claims, Philadelphia City Councilman James Kenney launched his campaign for mayor Tuesday. He did so by inviting reporters to his City Hall office to announce that he planned to
Asylum group 'legally held at sea' - 7 hours ago
Australia's month-long detention of 157 Sri Lankan asylum seekers at sea last year was legal, the High Court rules.
VIDEO: 'Cash incentives stop pregnant smokers' - 5 hours ago
A trial in Glasgow suggests that pregnant women are more than twice as likely to give up smoking if given financial incentives.
Patient’s shocking death alone in a public toilet made me question end-of-life care - 4 hours ago
I’ve seen the lengths people will go to for a ‘dignified’ death and it has made me rethink assisted suicide“Cardiac arrest, public toilets” proclaimed the tinny speaker in the intensive
Could the BBC/HBO adaptation of JK Rowling's The Casual Vacancy be an improvement on the book? - 5 hours ago
A first look at the three-part miniseries starring Michael Gambon and airing on the BBC next month reveals a streamlined plot along with picture-perfect Cotswold village settingVerdant green fields
Thailand warns U.S. to mind its own business over politics - 4 hours ago
BANGKOK (Reuters) - Thailand warned the United States against meddling in its political affairs on Wednesday, saying many Thais had been hurt by the remarks of a visiting U.S. envoy who took a swipe
Have you tried the full English breakfast detox? – video - 3 hours ago
With celebrity advocates from Gwyneth Paltrow to Oprah Winfrey, detoxing has become big business – even though many doctors claim the only thing really getting cleansed is our wallets. Rich
Minneapolis Southwest High will be closed Wednesday over credible threat - 7 hours ago
Southwest High School was shut down Wednesday because of a credible threat.
Police take patients to A&E 115 times - 4 hours ago
Patients were taken to accident and emergency units by police in Wales more than 100 times during December, with the majority of trips taken because no ambulances were available.
VIDEO: Tanks found in Brazil warehouse - 3 hours ago
Two tanks are found in a warehouse in Sao Paulo, Brazil, puzzling the authorities.
Husband's joy over 'lost' voicemail - 3 hours ago
A husband who thought he had lost a voicemail recording of his late wife's voice after keeping it for more than 10 years, says the retrieval of the message is "wonderful".
Former Haaretz chief editor David Landau dies at 67 - 3 hours ago
British-born journalist, seen as driving force behind English-language news in Israel, passes away; a religious Jew and avowed liberal, Landau taught generation of Israeli journalists.
LIVE: Sixers lose opening pair cheaply - 4 hours ago
SYDNEY Sixers opening pair Michael Lumb and Riki Wessels have lost their wickets in the first three overs of the BBL final at Manuka Oval. Follow live.
Ambulance response times expected - 5 hours ago
The latest figures showing the proportion of ambulances in Wales that hit target response times for the most urgent calls will be released on Wednesday.
NBN builder Techdrill collapses due to 'lack of work' - 5 hours ago
One of the companies building the national broadband network has collapsed, citing a lack of work from Australia's largest infrastructure project.
Why Obama, Netanyahu won't meet - 52 minutes ago
President Barack Obama says he will not meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in March because his trip to Washington comes too close to Israel's upcoming elections.
Yorkshire sign Finch and Maxwell - 6 hours ago
County champions Yorkshire sign Australians Aaron Finch and Glenn Maxwell for the 2015 county season.
Neil deGrasse Tyson Admits He Was Wrong On Deflategate - 4 hours ago
It doesn't happen very often, but astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson was wrong this week. And like any good scientist, he's not afraid to admit it, correct it and explain himself. On Monday, the
Minneapolis police's Somali outreach gets national attention - 7 hours ago
Minneapolis’ exchange program with Toronto authorities aims to improve relations
Boko Haram Shows Off Training Camp for Child Soldiers - 7 hours ago
Nigeria's Islamist sect Boko Haram has released photos purporting to show a training camp for child soldiers, analysts said.
Fracking decision due as Lancashire mulls major expansion in north-west - 4 hours ago
Anti-fracking campaigners accuse UK chancellor George Osborne of wanting to ‘transform Lancashire into Texas’Lancashire council will decide on Tuesday whether to grant permission for the first
565 callouts for RNLI's crews - 6 hours ago
RNLI lifeboats and lifeguards answered 565 calls for help in Northern Ireland in 2014, the charity's annual statistics show.
Coast’s terrifying cyclone forecast - 7 hours ago
GOLD Coasters have been warned to brace for cyclones in the coming decades as climate change brings the unstable weather further south.
Novak Djokovic v Milos Raonic: Australian Open 2015 – live! - 4 hours ago
All the action from Melbourne with a semi-final spot up for grabsSend your thoughts to jacob.steinberg@theguardian.comOr get in touch via Twitter: @JacobSteinbergAndy Murray sets up semi-final
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