Scores killed in South Sudan cattle raid - 8 hours ago
The Information minister of the South Sudanese state of Warrap said Saturday that more than 100 people had been killed in a cattle raid, the latest atrocity in the war-torn nation.
Over 100 killed in South Sudan cattle raid
Ohio couple married 70 years die 15 hours apart - 9 hours ago
An Ohio couple who held hands at breakfast every morning even after 70 years of marriage have died 15 hours apart.
Ohio couple married for 70 years dies just 15 hours...
Kenneth Felumlee, Helen Felumlee: Couple Married 70...
Ohio Couple Married 70 Years Die 15 Hours Apart - 21 hours ago
Ohio couple who held hands at breakfast even after 70 years of marriage die 15 hours apart
'Game Of Thrones' Natalie Dormer Teases What's Next For Margaery Tyrell - 7 hours ago
What’s a riskier move in Westeros than going to a wedding? Marrying Margaery Tyrell, apparently. Her first husband, Renly Baratheon, was killed by a mysterious assassin. Now her second, Joffrey
Family car catches fire among lions - 15 hours ago
A family is left with nowhere to run when their car catches fire - in the lion enclosure at Longleat Safari Park.
Sudden Landslide Rips House in Two - 21 hours ago
A sudden ground shift during a slow-moving landslide split a home in two in Jackson, Wyoming.
Meth Lab Found in Million-Dollar Home, Cops Say - 21 hours ago
Police in Ohio say they have found materials to create a meth lab at a million dollar lakefront home near Cleveland.
Former ABC News Executive VP David Burke Dies - 21 hours ago
Former ABC News Executive Vice President David Burke has died. He was 78.
Teen suspended for asking Miss America to prom - 12 hours ago
A Pennsylvania high school student is in hot water for asking Miss America to prom during a question and answer session at school.
Teen suspended for prom date question
Teen suspended for prom date question
Student fought bureaucrats for Holocaust justice - 18 hours ago
AMSTERDAM (AP) — Charlotte van den Berg was a 20-year-old college student working part-time in Amsterdam's city archives when she and other interns came across a shocking find: letters from Jewish
Student fought bureaucrats for Holocaust justice
Student Fought Bureaucrats for Holocaust Justice
High school senior forms petition against Michele Obama - 17 hours ago
Taylor Gifford, 18, a student at Topeka High School in Kansas formed a petition with over 1,200 signatures asking that Michelle Obama not speak at graduation.
Kansas students, parents not thrilled about having...
Kansas speech by Michelle Obama draws complaints
Pentagon weighs deploying troops to Poland as militants snub Ukraine pact - 21 hours ago
A senior U.S. official confirmed to Fox News Friday the U.S. is considering sending relatively small units to the country, and the units would be there on a rotational basis.
Busted! 81 percent of parents steal Easter candy from their kids - 10 hours ago
This Easter, a chocolate bunny will make its way into thousands of children’s baskets. His ears will be the first thing to go, and there’s a good chance it will be a parent biting them off.
SARS-Like MERS Virus Spreads Among Healthcare Workers - 21 hours ago
The deadly SARS-like virus infects 32 in less than a month according to the WHO.
Young heroes: Twin kids fight off carjacker - 9 hours ago
Video on Today: 7-year-old twins in San Antonio, Texas, are being hailed for their bravery after they successfully fought off a carjacker, saving themselves and their 1-year-old sibling. NBC's Ron
Captain of doomed South Korean ferry arrested as new details emerge - 18 hours ago
LEE JOON-SEOK, pictured, the captain of a South Korean ferry carrying 475 passengers that sank on Wednesday killing 28 and leaving 270 missing, has been arrested on suspicion of negligence and
Ferry death toll now 46
Calif. man says he was on Everest during avalanche
Monster El Nino May Be Brewing, Experts Say - 21 hours ago
Ready for a ’90s El Niño flashback?Researchers are keeping a close eye on a giant pool of abnormally warm water in the Pacific Ocean that some think could trigger another El Niño of epic
Meteor or UFO? Fireball lights up sky - 9 hours ago
Russia Today says officials have not yet identified this mysterious object seen in the sky over Murmansk, Russia.
Dash cams record possible meteor over Russia
Careless Guy Waving Gun Around Fires Off Accidental Round (Video) - 10 hours ago
Careless Guy Waving Gun Around Fires Off Accidental Round (Video) Careless Guy Waving Gun Around Fires Off Accidental Round (Video) Nation Gun Accident Has Been
Ohio couple dies hours apart, holding hands after 70 years of marriage - 21 hours ago
They had been inseparable since meeting as teenagers, their eight children say
Choc horror: It might be Easter but the world is running out of chocolate because demand in China is outstripping cocoa bean production and forcing prices up - 21 hours ago
Experts are warning that a growing taste for chocolate in Asia – particularly in China – means the price of cocoa will be soar as production levels struggle to keep up with demand.
Easter celebrations not so sweet; chocolate costs soar
Chocolate prices expected to soar as ingredients grow...
Western lawmakers strategize on taking control of federal lands - 18 hours ago
Officials from nine Western states met in Salt Lake City on Friday to discuss taking control of federal lands within their borders.
Woman Gets Surprising Note From Husband of 67 Years (Photo) - 9 hours ago
Woman Gets Surprising Note From Husband of 67 Years (Photo) 88-Year-Old Husband Gives Wife Heartwarming Note (Photo) Has Been Optimized Some folks believe that the longer people are
Kate takes control in the cockpit: Duchess climbs into Super Hornet fighter jet on visit to Brisbane with William - 21 hours ago
Kate has wowed crowds during her tour down under and today was no exception, with the stylish Queen-to be donning a stunning white summery dress adorned with blue flowers as she and Wills head to
Royal stop at church, zoo on Easter Sunday
Royal stop at church, zoo on Easter Sunday
Kiss lead singer opens up about connection to 'Phantom of the Opera' - 11 hours ago
Kiss frontman Paul Stanley feels a strong connection to the title character of "The Phantom of the Opera," and not just because he's spent nearly 40 years onstage with his face covered in paint.
'Today was one of the saddest days of my life': P. Diddy reveals his dog just passed away and shares intimate snap - 19 hours ago
There are some things money can't buy, and the 44-year-old mogul is reeling from a recent loss he suffered – that of his dog, HoneyCombs, whom he loved very much.
What Does the Easter Bunny Have To Do With Easter? - 3 hours ago
Easter Sunday is a religious holiday to some and a family holiday for others, but how did the bunny get involved?
Pentagon-sponsored study opens door for super lasers, weather control - 11 hours ago
Pentagon-sponsored researchers have made the reach of an intensive laser beam longer by an order of magnitude. Researchers say their discovery can be used to seed rain and trigger lightnings, but the
Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers: Equal Pay Is Just the Start - 21 hours ago
If there’s one thing Washington is exceptionally good at, it’s politicizing the personal. In the past few weeks, the ongoing debate over “equal pay for equal work” has typified this type of
Meteor Over Murmansk: Russian Fireball Caught on Dashcams - 21 hours ago
Dashcam videos from the northwestern Russian city of Murmansk show a fireball explosion much like the meteor that lit up the sky over Chelyabinsk in Siberia last year. The impact of Saturday's blast
Video: Four new subpoenas to go out in New Jersey - 10 hours ago
Democratic State Assemblyman John Wisniewski, who is co-chair of the Chris Christie investigative super committee, reveals that four new subpoenas will be issued next week in the legislature’s
Video: Mike DuHaime’s role during Christie scandal - 10 hours ago
Steve Kornacki reports on the close ties Chris Christie’s top political advisor, Mike DuHaime, has to key players from the George Washington Bridge scandal, and the information he was relaying
Video: Rick Perry under investigation - 10 hours ago
Texas Governor Rick Perry is under investigation for withholding money from a prosecutor’s office, and now a grand jury is getting involved. The Austin American-Satesman’s Tony Plohetski and The
Video: Can Dems hold onto crucial seat in Arkansas? - 9 hours ago
Will Democratic Senator Mark Pryor have a real chance at re-election this November and be able to hold onto a strategically crucial seat for Democrats in Arkansas? David Ramsey from The Arkansas
Video: Climate change: How many wake up calls left? - 9 hours ago
A new United Nations report says the world needs to take aggressive action very soon in order to reverse course on climate change. Bill Nye, Coral Davenport, Alex Bozmoski and Sam Stein discuss. (UP)
HMRC 'plans to share personal data' - 17 hours ago
Taxpayers' personal financial data could be shared with private firms and researchers, Revenue & Customs says, despite concerns over privacy and security.
Miraculous Holy Fire lit in Jerusalem, to be delivered worldwide - 9 hours ago
Thousands of Christians have gathered in Jerusalem to light torches and candles from a holy flame that 'miraculously' emerged from the tomb of Jesus in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre on the eve of
Holy fire ritual draws thousands
Holy fire ritual draws thousands
In Defense of Lucic's Cheap Shot - 21 hours ago
Was Milan Lucic's cheap shot on Danny DeKeyser in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals uncalled for? Maybe during the regular season, but not when you're playing for the Cup.
Spectacular fireball from space explodes over Russian city (VIDEO) - 11 hours ago
A suspected meteorite explosion has been recorded by citizens of the northern Russian city of Murmansk.Read Full Article at
Remembering the Korean War, 60 years ago - 16 hours ago
This Friday, June 25th, it will have been sixty years since the beginning of the Korean War in 1950. After decades of Japanese occupation, Korea was divided in two by Allied Forces at the end of
​Leaked inspectors report: UK schools discriminate against non-Muslims - 11 hours ago
Schools in the UK city of Birmingham are discriminating against non-Muslim students, practice forced sex segregation and invite extremists to promote Islamic values among the children, says an
​No reason why things with West can’t be normal again – Putin - 15 hours ago
Russia sees no reason why its relationship with the West can’t normalize, President Putin said amid growing tension between the opposing camps over the ongoing political crisis in Ukraine.Read Full
Ukraine crisis to headline Sunday talk shows
At barricades, Ukraine insurgents await Easter
Ukraine Suspends 'Anti-Terrorist Operation' - 21 hours ago
Ukraine suspended the "active stage" of its "anti-terrorist operation" in the eastern part of its country today, citing the Easter holidays and Geneva Agreement as the reason, according to its
California Governor Jerry Brown Grants Dozens Of Drug Pardons - 7 hours ago
California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) has granted pardons to 63 individuals, many of whom had been convicted of minor drug offenses. Brown's office announced the pardons in a Friday statement. "The
Dying grandmother uses Oculus Rift to walk outside again - 13 hours ago
Roberta Firstenberg had long loved walking outside and caring for her garden. In a bid to give her one more view of the outside world, Roberta's granddaughter Priscilla, a game artist and developer
Kate only has eyes for George at tea party at Admiralty House - 21 hours ago
Kate is not the only one to be enthralled by George, who has eclipsed even his famous parents on his first Royal tour.
76ers owner terms 19-win season 'success' - 18 hours ago
Billions of dollars couldn't console Philadelphia 76ers owner Joshua Harris this season. Ok, maybe just a little.
​Pentagon mulls deployment as Poland asks for 10,000 troops - 18 hours ago
The Pentagon may deploy more ground troops in Poland, although the number may be much smaller than what the eastern European NATO member wants to see. Washington is seeking to reassure allies amid
Mourinho: Congrats on 'unbelievable' officiating - 5 hours ago
Chelsea news
Raptors GM Ujiri shouts expletive at Nets - 7 hours ago
Toronto Raptors general manager Masai Ujiri shouted "F--- Brooklyn!" at a fan rally outside Air Canada Centre prior to Game 1 of his team's first-round Eastern Conference playoff series Saturday
NBA Warriors hold off Clippers in post-season opener
Warriors beat Clippers 109-105 in playoff opener
Hundreds take to water in tribute to surfing icon Hobie Alter - 21 hours ago
Hobie Alter had only one request: He wanted a traditional Hawaiian paddle-out ceremony after he died. In the blue waters off Dana Point and surrounded by surfboards and sailboats, Alter’s family on
Mother and two children forced to flee their car when it burst into flames at the safari the middle of the LION ENCLOSURE - 21 hours ago
The family were forced to abandon their 4x4 when it overheated and burst into flames at Longleat Safari Park in Wiltshire.
Pot of Gold: Innovation Helps Cannabis Industry Flourish - 10 hours ago
DENVER — The legalization of recreational marijuana sales in Colorado is turning an underground industry into a big business — and ushering in innovations in everything from genetics to growing
What was Rumi talking about? - 12 hours ago
Sufi poetry has been largely misunderstood by modern pop culture.
Woman Sues After ’8THEIST’ Plate Denied, ‘BAPTIST’ Approved - 2 hours ago
A woman filed a federal lawsuit alleging that her First Amendment rights were violated when she was denied a license plate that would proclaim her atheist views in New Jersey, though a plate reading
First Lady Michelle Obama To Appear On 'Nashville' - 7 hours ago
"Nashville" fans get excited because Michelle Obama will be making a cameo appearance. In an episode airing May 7 on ABC, Rayna James (Connie Britton) enlists the help of the First Lady, as well as
Mrs. Obama to Appear on May Episode of 'Nashville'
Mrs. Obama to appear on May episode of 'Nashville'
Michigan ranks among 10 worst states for retirement - 10 hours ago
But, everyone's retirement situation is different, so a one size fits all approach won't work.
Insurer solicits offers for DIA artwork; several billion-dollar bids received - 21 hours ago
A financial giant that will stomach steep losses if the City of Detroit's restructuring proposal proceeds said it has lined up tentative bids for up to $2 billion for the Detroit Institute of Arts or
The Benefits Of Legalizing Weed, By The Numbers - 6 hours ago
Regardless of your feelings about legalizing marijuana, it's hard to deny that legal weed would be a bonanza for cash-strapped states, just as tobacco and alcohol already are.With Colorado and
2 deaths linked to pot use causes controversy in...
Car Catches Fire In Longleat's Lion Enclosure - 10 hours ago
A family are forced to abandon their car after it bursts into flames in the middle of Longleat Safari Park's lion enclosure.
VIDEO: Family’s car catches fire in safari park lion...
Trio flee heated car in UK lion enclosure
If You Support Legal Marijuana, Memorize These 13 Stats - 6 hours ago
Regardless of your feelings about legalizing marijuana, it's hard to deny that legal weed would be a bonanza for cash-strapped states, just as tobacco and alcohol already are. With Colorado and
'Why Me?' Vets Face Much Higher Risk of Lou Gehrig's Disease - 21 hours ago
A Vietnam veteran swoops his hand through a row of baby vegetables, caressing the peppers on down to the kale. The plants are aligned in tidy, military order atop his backyard fence. He could spend
When Delight Turns to Reality, It’s Goodbye, Easter Bunny - 9 hours ago
Easter is a trying time for rabbit advocates, as parents caught up in the whimsy of Easter bunny buying soon realize their new pet needs a lot of care and attention.
What Type Of Pot Smoker Are You? - 9 hours ago
Like snowflakes or THC crystals*, no two pot smokers are truly the same. But even in a group as diverse as marijuana users, certain patterns do emerge. For example, does your pot use lead to endless
Mara-con man? Runner who ran second half of London Marathon faster than Mo Farah in cheat probe amid claims he took shortcut to shave 10miles off route - 21 hours ago
Jason Scotland-Williams, 34, from Hammersmith, London, completed the second half of the race in one hour one minute - quicker than Olympic champion Mo Farah.
Arkansas ex-cop killed while trying to set anti-corruption blogger’s hot dog cart on fire - 9 hours ago
A former police officer died while trying to set ablaze a food cart belonging to a blogger who exposed crooked cops and other corrupt city officials. reported Friday that former
Man Allegedly Raped Baby, Filmed It On Cell Phone: Police - 10 hours ago
An Arkansas man faces multiple felony charges after police said he raped a 2-year-old and filmed the deplorable act using a cell phone camera.Scott Sholds, 31, was arrested on suspicion of
What Type Of Pot Smoker Are You? - 9 hours ago
Like snowflakes or THC crystals*, no two pot smokers are truly the same. But even in a group as diverse as marijuana users, certain patterns do emerge. For example, does your pot use lead to endless
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