18 Headphone Brands Ranked from Worst to First (855865 views)
time.com - 20 hours ago
Full-time rapper and part-time headphone brand Dr. Dre likes to say that “people aren’t hearing all the music.” A more accurate assessment: people aren’t buying the right headphones. Today
Thief Steals Sunglasses, Leaves $1 Million Lottery Ticket
msnbc.msn.com - 20 hours ago
A Seattle couple had a $1 million lottery ticket for months, but didn't realize it — and the thief who broke into their car had no idea, either.
Bernie Sanders’s Message Resonates With a Certain Age Group: His Own
nytimes.com - 20 hours ago
Mr. Sanders, 73, whose progressive views often appeal to young Americans, also seems to be striking a deep chord with older voters as his campaign gets underway.
Women to feature in Fifa 16 game
bbc.co.uk - 11 hours ago
England are one of 12 teams included in the latest version of the Fifa computer game as women feature for the first time.
Unarmed Man Beaten During Traffic Stop Settles for $1.4M
msnbc.msn.com - 20 hours ago
Dent was beaten and put in a choke hold during a January traffic stop in the Detroit suburb of Inkster.
'Tampon tax' will end July 1
cbc.ca - 20 hours ago
The federal government is nixing the GST on feminine hygiene products starting July 1.
A Lamborghini SUV? Yep, It's Coming
msnbc.msn.com - 20 hours ago
Luxury automaker Automobili Lamborghini confirmed reports that it will be introducing a sports utility vehicle to its product line by 2018.
1,400 dead in heat wave
cnn.com - 19 hours ago
Mallayia Baddula sits barefoot beneath the shelter of his hut in Perepally, a small village outside Hyderabad.
How to Stop Worrying
time.com - 20 hours ago
Ever feel like you can’t turn your brain off? Worried about how to stop worrying? We all deal with this when life gets challenging. There is a way to overcome worry that doesn’t involve alcohol
High School Seniors Donate Class Trip Money To Principal Battling Cancer
huffingtonpost.com - 16 hours ago
It was a class act in every sense: High school seniors in New Hampshire canceled their long-planned class trip so they could give the money to their principal. The seniors of Profile Junior-Senior
'The Car Is Tipping': Homecoming Queen's Final Words to Dad
msnbc.msn.com - 20 hours ago
The father of a Texas homecoming queen who drowned when her car was swept off the road in floods remembers the last call he got from his daughter.
These Are Bantu Knots, Not 'Mini Buns.' There's A Difference.
huffingtonpost.com - 9 hours ago
It's been well over a year since Marc Jacobs sent models sporting Bantu knots in a mohawk formation down the runway at his Spring 2015 Marc by Marc Jacobs show. But a related hair tutorial recently
Chris Christie To Pull New Jersey Out Of Common Core
time.com - 5 hours ago
The move could help Christie in his quest for the Republican presidential nomination
Dalai Lama tells Suu Kyi to do more to protect Rohingya
aljazeera.com - 10 hours ago
Myanmar's Nobel Peace laureate urged to oppose persecution of Muslim minority that has led to mass migration crisis.
Amazon rolls out free same-day delivery for Prime members
seattletimes.com - 11 hours ago
The new service, available in 14 metro areas including Seattle, reduces one of the key competitive advantages brick-and-mortar retailers still hold: instant gratification.
Boulder cops declare ‘rock stacking’ a jailable offense to stop local artist who spent 7 years creating sculptures
rawstory.com - 4 hours ago
Michael Grab, a Boulder artist who goes by the name Gravity Glue, said that police threatened to ticket or jail him for creating stacked river rock sculptures that the community has been enjoying for
Teens are fleeing religion like never before: Massive new study exposes religion’s decline
rawstory.com - 8 hours ago
Religion is rapidly losing the youngest generation of Americans, according to new research. America’s rising generation of adults are the least religiously observant of any generation in six
Khan denies Mayweather distraction
bbc.co.uk - 16 hours ago
Amir Khan is not distracted from Friday's bout with Chris Algieri in New York by a potential fight with Floyd Mayweather.
Teen Softball Player Dies Days After Having Brain Aneurysm
abcnews.com - 20 hours ago
A teen had died days after having a brain aneurysm during a softball tournament.
Funny or Die mocks the Duggars for ignoring their daughters in family sex abuse scandal
rawstory.com - 8 hours ago
Funny or Die mocked the Duggar family in a new video that skewered their apparent lack of concern over their daughters’ sexual molestation by their brother. Comedians Erin Gibson and Greg David
Teddy bear lorry crash causes chaos
bbc.co.uk - 14 hours ago
A lorry carrying several tonnes of teddy bears is involved in a major collision, forcing a 16-mile closure of the A14 in Cambridgeshire.
Laverne Cox Is Gorgeous And Glowing In No-Makeup Selfie
huffingtonpost.com - 9 hours ago
Laverne Cox is making the most of her days off with some rest and relaxation.Cox shared a selfie on Instagram Wednesday looking fresh-faced and radiant while oceanside. In her caption, the "Orange Is
Larry Wilmore destroys ‘dangerous hypocrite’ Josh Duggar: ‘I hate pedophiles but I love irony’
rawstory.com - 13 hours ago
Larry Wilmore slammed the hypocrisy of Josh Duggar and his parents over revelations that he molested young girls as they slept more than a decade ago, when he was a teenager. “So you mean to tell
Food bug 'found in 73% of chickens'
bbc.co.uk - 15 hours ago
A year-long study finds 73% of fresh shop-bought chicken tested positive for food poisoning bug campylobacter.
Rail workers to strike next month
bbc.co.uk - 10 hours ago
Rail workers in the RMT union to hold 24-hour and 48-hour strikes next month, after rejecting Network Rail pay offer
Man Dies After Doing 56 Shots, Bartender Found Guilty of Manslaughter
time.com - 15 hours ago
The drinker was attempting to set a record in his local bar
'Draw Muhammad' Contest Planned in Phoenix
msnbc.msn.com - 17 hours ago
A Phoenix area anti-Muslim activist is planning a protest and "Draw Muhammad" cartoon contest near the Islamic Community Center.
Fanny Packs Are Back In Style Again, We Swear
huffingtonpost.com - 13 hours ago
Photo credit: Arun Nevader/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Consider the fanny pack. No, really, consider it. Why wouldn't you want to carry -- or wear -- an incredibly practical bag? You
Whoops! A creationist museum supporter stumbled upon a major fossil find.
washingtonpost.com - 8 hours ago
Canadian Edgar Nernberg isn't into the whole evolution thing. In fact, he's on the board of directors of Big Valley’s Creation Science Museum, a place meant to rival local scientific institutions
Gina Rinehart loses control of $5b family trust
smh.com.au - 19 hours ago
John Hancock, the estranged son of Australia's richest person Gina Rinehart, has won an epic legal battle over control of the family's multibillion-dollar family trust, with his sister and ally
Bucket List Road Trip Lets Ailing Pooch See The Country, Swim In Ocean
huffingtonpost.com - 10 hours ago
Every dog has his day, but Poh the dog had 46 days -- all spent traveling the country. After inoperable tumors were found on Poh’s liver and kidneys, his owner, Thomas Neil Rodriguez aka DJ Neil
9 Ways to Quit Sugar for Good
time.com - 6 hours ago
Sugar out of sight is also out of mind
Newquay Celebrates Success Of Mankini Ban
sky.com - 13 hours ago
Since calling a halt to stag do party-goers wearing the 'Borat' thong, Cornwall's surfing town says it has cracked down on crime.
Look At This Tiny Dog
huffingtonpost.com - 10 hours ago
This pug is outrageous. Pip is a truly tiny 4-month-old puppy that's just 4 inches tall, according to SWNS news agency. Pip is half the size of her sister and even smaller than a soda can. She weighs
This Phone Has a New Trick You Wouldn’t Expect
time.com - 10 hours ago
Typing will never be the same
Bionic Lens Implant Could Improve Vision Beyond 20/20
discovery.com - 8 hours ago
The painless procedure takes just eight minutes and gives people the ability to see three times better than 20/20. Continue reading →
Pregnant Ontario singer kicked off United flight over crying toddler
cbc.ca - 20 hours ago
Singer-songwriter Sarah Blackwood of Burlington, Ont.'s Walk Off the Earth says she was kicked off a United Airlines flight in San Francisco because her toddler wouldn’t stop crying.
Bill Gates Thinks This Is the Deadliest Threat to Humankind
time.com - 14 hours ago
He says it could kill tens of millions
Survey Finds 73% Of Fresh Chickens Have Bug
sky.com - 14 hours ago
Almost three-quarters of fresh shop-bought chickens have tested positive for the food poisoning bug campylobacter.
Autistic Adults Could Take Ecstasy to Reduce Anxiety
time.com - 10 hours ago
The drug has also been tested as a treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder
Russia, Venezuela agree on massive $14bn oil & gas investment deal
rt.com - 17 hours ago
President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro says his country has reached an agreement with Russia, which will see investment of $14 billion in the oil and gas sector over the next few years.Read Full
Here's How Many People In Each State May Not Be Able To Afford Insurance If The Supreme Court Rules Against Obamacare
huffingtonpost.com - 12 hours ago
The Supreme Court is expected to issue a decision in a major new lawsuit against Obamacare this June, and the health coverage for millions hangs in the balance. This challenge to the Affordable Care
George Pataki Announces Run for the Republican Nomination
nytimes.com - 20 hours ago
The former three-term governor of New York faces long odds, but being a moderate could give him a bit of hope for the New Hampshire primary.
Federal government taking the tax off tampons and other feminine hygiene products, effective July 1
nationalpost.com - 5 hours ago
The Finance Deptartment says it will remove GST and HST on any 'sanitary napkin, tampon, sanitary belt, menstrual cup or other similar product'
Dan Savage Wants To Turn 'Duggar' Into The New 'Santorum'
huffingtonpost.com - 19 hours ago
Dan Savage wants to do to Josh Duggar what he did to Rick Santorum: redefine the man's last name. On Tuesday, the writer and LGBT advocate called on his Twitter followers to help coin the new term
Here’s When Trevor Noah Will Take Over The Daily Show
time.com - 7 hours ago
It's only a few months away now
Cleveland doesn't need to hear from Al Sharpton Friday: Mark Naymik
cleveland.com - 4 hours ago
The truth is that the flamboyant and opportunistic Al Sharpton is too late. Cleveland has been speaking up for itself for months, and in a passionate and largely peaceful way.
Woman's Emotional Reunion With Man Who Saved Her From Flood
abcnews.com - 20 hours ago
Glenda Reynolds was trapped in her car when a passerby spotted her.
Date Set for Tsarnaev's Official Death Sentence
msnbc.msn.com - 20 hours ago
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev will officially be sentenced to death in June.
Dreamtown Finder: Top 25 places to live in Massachusetts Dreamtown Finder: Top 25 places to live in Massachusetts Top 25 places to live in the state Top 25 places to live in Mass.
boston.com - 17 hours ago
Everyone has a place where they long to live. Using our data across five metrics, we’ve calculated the top 25 dream towns in Massachusetts.
GoPro turns focus to drones, virtual reality
cnet.com - 19 hours ago
Adventure camera maker plans to produce quadcopter and camera capable of capturing 360-degree virtual reality content.
Watch Chess Champ Magnus Carlsen Win Three Games at Once (While Blindfolded)
time.com - 9 hours ago
He's the highest-rated player in the history of chess
It's Almost Summer, But There's Still Snow in Boston
msnbc.msn.com - 20 hours ago
A 75-foot-high snow mound has been reduced to a three-story pile of dirt and trash, encrusted in solid ice.
Backlash Over Breastfeeding Selfie Trend
sky.com - 19 hours ago
Bottle-feeding mothers speak out against breastfeeding selfies, saying the social media trend makes them feel judged.
Woman stabbed in eye with fork for ‘taking the last rib’
nypost.com - 8 hours ago
MUNCIE, Ind. — Police say an Indiana woman stabbed another woman in the eye with a fork in a dispute over the last rib at a barbecue. The Star Press...
Thief steals sunglasses from car, leaves $1M lotto ticket
nydailynews.com - 10 hours ago
A Seattle couple that won $1 million in the lottery said they lucked out when a thief left behind a winning ticket.
Bulls fire coach Tom Thibodeau
chicagotribune.com - 20 hours ago
The Bulls have fired coach Tom Thibodeau with two years and roughly $9 million remaining on his deal, general manager Gar Forman said Thursday.
Pineville Journal: Mystery, and Discovery, on the Trail of a Creole Music Pioneer
nytimes.com - 20 hours ago
Amédé Ardoin brought white Cajun and black Creole traditions together in Louisiana, and there is plenty to be discovered in a search of his musical legacy.
'Better than US-made 5G': PAK-FA fighter to engage sea, air & ground targets
rt.com - 10 hours ago
Sukhoi PAK-FA fifth-generation fighter jet is finalizing tests of its versatile arsenal before deployment next year. Russia’s Air Force chief says there will be no such target on the scene of
Black hole seen 'playing billiards'
bbc.co.uk - 10 hours ago
A series of images captures two vast blobs of plasma, shot out by a black hole, cannoning into each other in a nearly light-speed cosmic collision.
News Corp shuts down MX newspaper
smh.com.au - 20 hours ago
News Corp is axing its afternoon commuter publication MX, as readers continue their migration from print to online.
US accidently sends live anthrax to S Korean army base
aljazeera.com - 19 hours ago
Twenty-two personnel treated for possible exposure near Seoul, as bacteria also sent to laboratories in nine US states.
OHP: Driver Flees After Hitting, Killing Toddler In Shawnee
news9.com - 20 hours ago
A toddler is dead after being hit by a car in Shawnee. It happened just north of I-40 on Westech Road.
U.S. to Limit Petroleum Drilling on Habitat of Greater Sage Grouse
nytimes.com - 20 hours ago
The new plan would create buffer zones around areas where male grouses gather for breeding, many of which abut or are inside oil and gas fields.
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