Jeb Bush: ‘I’m thinking about running for president’ - 8 hours ago
Jeb Bush said Wednesday he's "thinking about running for president," in his most direct statement yet about a possible 2016 run.
Jeb Bush Admits That He's 'Thinking About Running For...
Jeb Bush admits he is considering presidential run in...
Meet world's first married lesbian threesome... and baby will make four in July - 22 hours ago
Doll, Kitten and Brynn, from Massachusetts, USA, married last Autumn and are expecting a daughter in July.
Texas second-grader says teacher took away Bible during reading time - 16 hours ago
The family of a second grade student at a Texas elementary school says their daughter's teacher took her Bible away during a "read to myself" time at the school.
Wiz take 2-0 lead on Bulls behind Beal, Nene - 21 hours ago
Bradley Beal came on strong late in regulation to finish with 26 points, Nene scored six of his 17 in overtime and the Washington Wizards beat the Chicago Bulls 101-99 Tuesday to take a 2-0 lead in
Jodie Foster Married Alexandra Hedison - 22 hours ago
Jodie Foster married her girlfriend, Alexandra Hedison, ABC News confirmed.
Donald Trump Is Complaining That President Obama's Walk Is 'Unpresidential' - 13 hours ago
Donald Trump's least favorite thing in the world is happening again: President Obama is acting "unpresidential."Yes, apparently the president has offended Trump once again with his wild behavior and
RAF Jet Chases Russian Planes Away From UK - 9 hours ago
Two Russian surveillance planes which flew close to UK airspace have been chased away by an RAF jet fighter.
Russian Bombers Draw Attention of British
Dutch scramble jets after Russian bombers approach
Married lesbian ‘throuple’ expecting first child - 8 hours ago
Here come the brides! Three Massachusetts lesbians got hitched and are now expecting their first child. The nuptials of Doll, Kitten and Brynn Young were held this past August, with...
'Married' lesbian threesome expecting baby
Married lesbian trio from Massachusetts expecting...
Teen Arrested With Loaded Gun In Vagina: Cops - 12 hours ago
Cops say a Tennessee teen who got arrested for driving with a suspended license on Monday had a surprise in store for police.When a female corrections officer at Kingsport jail performed a search on
Jailers say the found loaded weapon inside inmate
Jailers say the found loaded weapon inside inmate
200 girls are missing in Nigeria so why doesn't anybody care? - 22 hours ago
Unlike the Sewol tragedy, the fate of these schoolchildren has gone unreported, vanished into a dangerous worldWhere are they?Every morning for a week the news has been dominated by the South Korean
Savannah's honeymoon dispatch: Letting it all hang out on the best vacation of my life - 18 hours ago
Hi everybody. This week I am off work and on my honeymoon. (I know, I know. Who goes on a honeymoon five weeks after getting married? I'm doing all kinds of things slightly out of order.)Even before
Survivalist Tips on 'Spring Cleaning' Your Preparedness Kit - 22 hours ago
The words "spring cleaning" may conjure images of sparkling kitchen counters and dust-free closets, but there's another part of your life that could use a clean sweep too, according to experts in
'You're Dead,' Minn. Man Said After Shooting Teen Intruder - 22 hours ago
Jurors listened to dramatic audio recordings Tuesday of the moments when two teenagers were fatally shot by a Minnesota homeowner who said he feared for his life after several previous break-ins.
Dying Teen Stephen Sutton's Wish Goes Viral - 18 hours ago
Celebrities are helping terminally ill West Midlands teenager Stephen Sutton complete his bucket list before he dies.
'Obama Not Welcome': Filipinos Protest Presidential Visit - 22 hours ago
Police armed with truncheons, shields and a fire hose clashed with more than 100 left-wing activists who rallied at the U.S. Embassy in Manila on Wednesday to oppose a visit by President Barack Obama
Enough - 13 hours ago
Sometimes I find myself sitting behind the wheel of the car thinking, Enough. Enough with the bickering. Enough with the chauffeuring, the gas-guzzling, the bumper-to-bumper. Enough with the gum
Mall adds 'fast lane' after girl, 10, complains about slow shoppers - 13 hours ago
Thanks to the suggestion of a 10-year-old girl who is tired of being stuck behind slow walkers, a British mall has added a "fast lane" painted on its floor.
Boy released by kidnapper after singing gospel music - 18 hours ago
Gospel could have saved Willie Myrick's life.
People of Scotland vote yes, and set us English free - 22 hours ago
Instead of condemning us to perpetual Tory rule, independence may reinvigorate Labour and bring us the devolution we craveScottish referendum: yes, it could happen Continue reading...
Memory Lane: Traveling through time on Google maps - 20 hours ago
Trips down memory lane are now available on Google's digital maps. The new twist on time travel is debuting Wednesday as part...
With a swipe of the smartphone, loyalty punch cards becoming obsolete - 20 hours ago
The days of the “buy-10-get-one-free” loyalty punch card are as numbered as the paper punch itself.
Comic book maker forges digital path - 20 hours ago
To find out if the superhero saves the day, today’s comic book readers don’t have to turn a printed page. Many...
Europe recovery shows signs of strengthening - 20 hours ago
A closely-watched survey has found business activity across the 18-country eurozone running at a three-year high, in perhaps...
Greece hits milestone, opens way for debt relief - 20 hours ago
Greece has reached a major financial milestone that its creditors demanded as a precondition for being granted more debt...
First lady announcing one-stop job site for vets - 20 hours ago
Aiming to streamline employment resources for people leaving the military, the government is creating an integrated website...
Justin Bieber apologizes for Japan war shrine trip - 11 hours ago
Justin Bieber apologized Wednesday to those he offended by visiting a Japanese war shrine, saying he thought it was a...
Keflezighi's Boston win a boost for shoe sponsor - 10 hours ago
The Boston Marathon champion crossed the finish line wearing sneakers from Skechers, not exactly a brand associated with sports.
3 Murrysville residents raise funds for Franklin...
Bomb Blast in Kenya Leaves 4 Dead
Misdiagnosed bipolar: One girl’s struggle to get the right treatment - 20 hours ago
One day, Tessa Gallo was a typical sixth-grader, performing in school plays, running on the track team, goofing around with...
Sherpas leave Everest; some expeditions nix climbs - 20 hours ago
Dozens of Sherpa guides packed up their tents and left Mount Everest's base camp Wednesday, after the deaths of 16 of their...
Heartbreaking Personal Ad Ends With Surprise Twist (Photo) - 14 hours ago
Heartbreaking Personal Ad Ends With Surprise Twist (Photo) This Is The World’s Saddest Personal Ad, Until You Get To The Last Sentence (Photo) Heartbreaking Personal Ad Ends With Surprise
Seahawks' Wilson files for divorce from wife - 4 hours ago
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson released a brief statement Wednesday saying he has filed for divorce from his wife, Ashton.
Seahawks QB Russell Wilson to divorce wife
Seahawks: Russell Wilson, wife file for divorce
Paterno to have new statue in State College - 8 hours ago
Two Penn State alumni have received the OK from the borough to install a projected $300,000 life-sized bronze sculpture of Joe Paterno in downtown State College, Penn. And they're hoping the statue
Another Joe Paterno statue coming to Happy Valley
Penn St. fans plan new Joe Paterno statue that would...
HBO will stream its shows to cord cutters for the first time on Amazon Instant Video - 13 hours ago
Amazon and HBO have signed an extensive, multi-year agreement that will bring many of the premium channel's greatest shows including The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, and The Wire to Amazon Prime Instant
Amazon snares classic shows in deal with HBO
Amazon snares classic shows in deal with HBO
HIV Turns 30 Today - 22 hours ago
It’s been 30 years since scientists revealed the cause of AIDS: a shifty retrovirus that would come to be known as HIV.
Inside the giant panda research centre - in pictures - 22 hours ago
Photographer Ami Vitale was allowed exclusive access into China's giant panda research centre as it trains pandas to be released into the wild. While only about 1,600 giant pandas exist in the wild
Indian Politician Arvind Kejriwal Wins TIME 100 Readers’ Poll - 9 hours ago
More than 3.2 million votes were cast, with Narendra Modi, the frontrunner in the Indian elections, placing second, and celebrities like Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, and Laverne Cox ranking in the top
Kejriwal defeats Modi marginally in Time magazine's...
8 Hilarious And Painfully True Things Louis C.K. Has Said About Splitting Up - 8 hours ago
Louis C.K. has taught us many things: how brave it is for women to go on dates with men, what white privilege really means, and why smart phone culture is pretty much the worst, to name a few.The
Why we must defend Josie Cunningham's right to an abortion - 22 hours ago
Josie Cunningham's decision to put career first is no different to that made by thousands of women seeking abortion. So why has she been subjected to a national hate campaign? Continue reading...
Google's Street View now lets you step back in time - 13 hours ago
In the aftermath, Google set out to preserve imagery it had captured prior to the disaster, including original Street View recordings that became an unintended time capsule. It was an unusual site
Google Maps ‘Time Machine’ Lets You Stroll the...
The Rights of Man . . . and Beast - 17 hours ago
Steven Wise is arguing for the legal “personhood” of chimps and other animals. And no one is laughing him out of the courtroom.
What Georgia's 'Extreme' New Gun Law Allows - 22 hours ago
Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal will sign a new gun law into effect today that greatly expands the number of public places where licensed owners are allowed to carry their weapons.
Jon Stewart's Hilarious Takedown Of Sexism Looks At When 'It's OK To Be A P***y' - 15 hours ago
When news of Chelsea Clinton's pregnancy broke, the pundits immediately began wondering what it would mean for Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential hopes -- and if it's sexist to even ask. "No! No!
These 11 Genius Business Cards Put Everyone Else's To Shame - 10 hours ago
If you think the Internet has rendered business cards obsolete, it probably just means you need a better idea. The fact is, the vast majority of Americans still exchange cards when they first meet
‘Intoxicated’ 18-year-old girl reportedly rushed to hospital from Prime Minister Harper’s residence - 9 hours ago
The RCMP have confirmed that Ottawa EMS were called to the Prime Minister’s residence at 24 Sussex Drive last Saturday night.
Mounties say Harper family not involved in weekend...
Intoxicated teen taken to hospital from 24 Sussex:...
Here's Why Your Old High School Friends Are Unfriending You On Facebook - 7 hours ago
If you're on Facebook, you probably have at least one former high school classmate who seems to never stop overloading your News Feed with crazy political rants or unnecessarily personal life
Three children found dead in London - 20 hours ago
Three children found dead at an address in New Malden, south London, Scotland Yard says.
BREAKING NEWS: Person arrested after bodies of three...
Three children found dead in London house
F.C.C., in ‘Net Neutrality’ Turnaround, Plans to Allow Fast Lane - 4 hours ago
Planned new rules would allow an Internet provider to negotiate separately with content companies and charge them for priority service.
FCC to lay out new 'Net Neutrality' rules Thursday...
HBO, BBC to Produce J.K. Rowling’s ‘The Casual Vacancy’ as Miniseries - 10 hours ago
HBO and the BBC have teamed to adapt J.K. Rowling’s novel “The Casual Vacancy” as a three-hour miniseries. Sarah Phelps (“EastEnders”) has penned the adaptation of the book about a
J.K. Rowling, HBO, BBC Team for 'Casual Vacancy'...
Jan Brewer Vetoes Bill Allowing Guns In Public Buildings - 10 hours ago
Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) has vetoed a bill that would have allowed individuals to bring guns into some public buildings. House Bill 2339, one of four pro-gun bills passed by the state legislature
On July 1st, Guns Will Be Legal Everywhere in Kansas
Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer Won't Allow Guns in Public...
Winter the Dolphin gets special visit from twins - 8 hours ago
It was a joyful meeting from world's apart as once conjoined, twin boys surgically separated at four-months-old met their favorite celebrity for the first time.
Led Zeppelin unleash unheard work - 19 hours ago
Legendary rock group Led Zeppelin make public two previously unheard recordings.
Swinney: We welcome players of all faith - 12 hours ago
Clemson coach Dabo Swinney has issued his first public statement in response to a complaint filed by The Freedom From Religion Foundation earlier this month charging him with "unconstitutional
How to Make Doctors Irrelevant - 16 hours ago
After a simple, modified Paleo diet reversed her multiple sclerosis, one doctor is exposing health care and big pharma’s dirty secret: Prescriptions don’t make you well.
Meet the One, OnePlus' $299 Nexus killer - 18 hours ago
Rarely do we see a tech startup spending five months actively hyping up an unborn product; and when we do, most of them end up being vaporware. Luckily, that's not the case with OnePlus. Today, the
Pineda Thrown Out At Fenway - 50 minutes ago
Yankees starter Michael Pineda was ejected from Wednesday night's Red Sox-Yankees game with two outs in the second inning for using pine tar on the baseball. Live Updates From Fenway Park
Yanks pitcher Pineda ejected for substance on neck
The female 'confidence gap' is a sham - 22 hours ago
Women's lack of confidence could be just a keen understanding of just how little society values them Continue reading...
Football spectators spooked by 'ghost' which appears to run through fans during match in Bolivia - 22 hours ago
The unexplained shadow appears to run through fans at a game in Bolivia on Thursday night. Footage captures the silhouette running at speed and through those in its path. It also appears to run
Blair warns West over radical Islam - 21 hours ago
Tony Blair will warn Western leaders they must put aside their differences with Russia over Ukraine to focus on the threat of Islamic extremism.
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