Sources: U.S. to charge FIFA officials with corruption - 7 hours ago
Up to 14 people are expected to be charged today in New York, and arrests are being made overnight on charges of corruption in the bidding for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups in Russia and Qatar. FULL
FOX CT Forecast: Warm, Humid Weather Continues - 8 hours ago
There is a chance for a spotty shower or thunderstorm this afternoon, mainly in western Connecticut.
Cavs celebrate as Eastern Conference champs, Matthew Dellavedova enjoys a Corona - 7 hours ago
The Cavs' postgame celebration has commenced, and Matthew Dellavedova is sipping on a Corona. Why not?
The horror! The one thing we’d all rather forget - 5 hours ago
GET ready to cringe. Em Rusciano spills on the teenage dating disasters she’d rather forget and drops the f-bomb (the other f-bomb).
Tony Abbott points way for same-sex marriage reform - 3 hours ago
Prime Minister Tony Abbott has set out the conditions for a conscience vote in the Liberal party room on same sex marriage and a subsequent parliamentary vote as early as August in what many see
Singapore Airlines plane lost power - 7 hours ago
Singapore Airlines investigates an incident last week where one of its planes lost power in both engines mid-flight.
Jon Stewart calls Rand Paul out on ‘religious freedom': Don’t Christians sell cakes to adulterers? - 7 hours ago
Daily Show host Jon Stewart pushed back against Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul on Tuesday for trying to frame opposition to same-sex marriages — and their wedding cakes — as a “religious freedom”
Nuclear Iran 1,000 times more dangerous than ISIS – Netanyahu - 6 hours ago
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has once again beaten the drums of potential danger stemming from the nuclear deal with Iran, claiming that a nuclear-armed Iran is a “thousand times” more dangerous
Kyrie Irving survives awful years and injury to help Cavaliers to Finals - 7 hours ago
Kyrie Irving returned from a knee injury to start in Game 4 of the East finals, and helped spur the Cavs' sweep. But he came out with more than just his health.
Air France flight has near miss with volcano - 5 hours ago
An Air France passenger jet had a near miss with an active volcano in Africa earlier this month, according to French aviation authorities who are investigating the incident.
Today's cartoons: Mother Nature goes haywire with water - 5 hours ago
Also: Getting creative with that cap and gown.
Thousands of migrants 'lost at sea' off Southeast Asia - 3 hours ago
Agencies appeal for $26m financial aid, saying Rohingya and Bangladeshi migrants are drifting in "rickety boats".
Cameron set to delay plans to scrap Human Rights Act - 4 hours ago
Prime minister expected to leave controversial proposals out of Queen’s speech and announce wider consultation on British bill of rightsDavid Cameron will present plans for an EU referendum and
VIDEO: Cold sore virus could treat skin cancer - 5 hours ago
A virus that normally causes cold sores could treat skin cancer, researchers believe.
Denver Water Takes Jay-Z To Task Over Water Cost - 7 hours ago
After rapper Jay-Z made a comment about water being free, Denver Water decided to write him a letter explaining the true price of water.
Read Game of Thrones Star Lena Headey’s Powerful Message to Her Daughter - 4 hours ago
Game of Thrones star Lena Headey is expecting a baby daughter this summer, and she shared the good news in a total girl power move: by penning a feminist essay. Headey, 41, wrote a guest post for
Mourinho pokes fun at rival sides - 2 hours ago
One team played without goal posts, one played only half a season - what was Jose Mourinho on about at Chelsea's awards.
Death Toll in India’s Intense Heatwave Soars to Over 1,100 - 4 hours ago
Temperatures in parts of the country have neared 122°F (50°C)
EU to give migrant quota plan details - 7 hours ago
The EU is to announce details of controversial plans to relocate thousands of migrants who have reached Europe from Africa and the Middle East.
Pick your top FA Cup final goal - 4 hours ago
BBC Sport has shortlisted the best 10 FA Cup final goals of the last 50 years ahead of a vote. Watch them all here.
Iran attacks ISIS & its ‘arrogant supporters’ with caricature competition (IMAGES) - 7 hours ago
In an effort to reveal the “evil face” of ISIS and expose the atrocities committed by jihadists, Iran has launched a cartoonist contest, offering awards for the best caricatures mocking the
Former Pro Bowler Joe Horn defends Tom Brady, calls Roger Goodell ‘The Devil’ - 3 hours ago
In addition to downplaying the significance of the Deflategate scandal, Joe Horn also had some harsh words to describe NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.
Amnesty: Hamas executed Palestinians during summer war - 5 hours ago
Rights group's report says Gaza rulers used Protective Edge to 'settle scores' with rival Palestinians, detailing the 'extrajudicial execution of at least 23 Palestinians and the arrest and torture
Twitter slams Shannon Noll - 21 minutes ago
WHY can’t the NRL ever get it right when it comes to entertainment? Shannon Noll was pulled out of the wilderness for Origin and it didn’t end well.
The British left must learn to speak a new language – Spanish - 6 hours ago
The victories for Podemos in Spain came after it abandoned rhetoric and reconnected with voters. Labour should listen‘Politics has nothing to do with being right,” says the pony-tailed Spanish
Davies out of the Rugby World Cup - 3 hours ago
Wales centre Jonathan Davies is ruled out of the Rugby World Cup after suffering a serious knee injury.
Decline of Canadian students’ math skills the fault of ‘discovery learning’: C.D. Howe Institute - 8 hours ago
The report blames discovery or experimental learning approaches that have students explore different ways to solve math problems instead of using a single standard algorithm
63-Year-Old Knocked Out With One Punch, Robbed of $1 - 3 hours ago
Surveillance video shows a man in a red shirt punch the 63-year-old victim, dropping him to the ground.
Here are the 5 most appalling ‘Christian’ defenses of the Duggars - 8 hours ago
Did you think there was no way to defend Duggar? Think again....
The Vatican Calls Ireland’s Vote For Same-Sex Marriage a ‘Defeat for Humanity’ - 3 hours ago
The remark is the most critical made by the church so far
EU set to unveil plan on absorbing migrants more fairly - 5 hours ago
Member states to share the burden of admitting tens of thousands of asylum seekers who land in Italy, Greece and Malta.
4 Rituals to Keep You Happy All the Time - 8 hours ago
Tim Kreider got stabbed in the throat. The knife went in two millimeters from his carotid artery. He describes those two millimeters as the difference between being “flown home in the cargo hold
Film Review: ‘San Andreas’ - 6 hours ago
Of the many charges that can be levied at Brad Peyton’s “San Andreas,” false advertising is not one of them.
IBAC: Disgraced bigwig's hair-raising revelations of taxpayer-funded toupee - 7 hours ago
Disgraced former Education Department boss Nino Napoli spent thousands of dollars on his toupee, and suggested his cousin bill state schools for the expensive wig.
Why don’t dogs like cats? You asked Google – here’s the answer - 5 hours ago
Every day, millions of people ask Google some of life’s most difficult questions, big and small. In this series, our writers answer some of the most common queriesDogs don’t like cats? Maybe that
Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham 'vapes' e-cigarette in NSW Parliament - 5 hours ago
Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham lit up the usually staid NSW upper house on Wednesday, inhaling an electronic cigarette to highlight what he says are holes in laws governing the controversial devices.
Man City trip to Houston in doubt - 3 hours ago
Manchester City's friendly against Major League Soccer side Houston Dynamo on Friday is in doubt after flooding.
'No Work, No Hope': Two-Fifths Are Unemployed Here - 8 hours ago
Gaza has the highest unemployment rates in the world, according to a World Bank report being presented to donors on Wednesday.
State of Origin Game 1: Live - 6 hours ago
LET’S GO BLUES! Follow live coverage of State of origin Game 1 as NSW look to defend their title against Queensland.
Madagascar MPs vote to sack leader - 3 hours ago
Parliamentarians in Madagascar vote to impeach President Hery Rajaonarimampianina in a surprise move.
The magic of Croydon: is London's punchline having the last laugh? - 3 hours ago
When the capital banned skyscrapers in the 1960s, Croydon stepped in with concrete towers and flyovers that made it a byword for urban devastation. Fifty years later, this most unloved suburb may
Surprising Aussie restaurant makes world’s best list - 6 hours ago
THREE Aussie restaurants have been named on the prestigious World’s Best Restaurant list with two debuting for the first time ever.
Twitter slams Shannon Noll - 39 minutes ago
WHY can’t the NRL ever get it right when it comes to entertainment? Shannon Noll was pulled out of the wilderness for Origin and it didn’t end well.
Everyone from Coalition thinks ABC's Q&A is biased to the left, says LNP senator James McGrath - 5 hours ago
The ABC's flagship discussion program Q&A consistently leans to the left and needs to include a more balanced selection of panellists, a Coalition senator has told ABC Managing Director Mark Scott
Night Tube policing details revealed - 3 hours ago
More than 100 police officers will patrol the London Underground network when night time Tube services begin in September.
New Rules Mean No More Outside Food for Guantanamo Bay Inmates - 7 hours ago
Critics say the policy severs a valuable emotional link to outside world
Premier League 2014-15 review: the quiz - 2 hours ago
Chelsea won the league, every Manchester City match featured goals, George Boyd represented two relegated clubs and Sadio Mané scored a hat-trick in less than three minutes. How many of the details
‘The dumbest nation on earth’ - 4 hours ago
A VISITING journalist has slammed Australia as ‘a boring nanny state’ during a talk in Sydney - and members of the audience seemed to agree. Does he have a point?
11 kinds of chameleon found masquerading as a single species - 6 hours ago
Chameleons in Madagascar previously thought to all belong to a single species have actually turned out to be 11 separate species.
Why India is captured by carbon - 7 hours ago
India’s leaders are determined to restore economic growth and lift the country’s 1.3 billion citizens out of poverty. But rapid development will require India to double or triple its production
A song of sparks and fire: RoboWars takes engineers to battle - 7 hours ago
Slicing blades, repurposed power drills and crashes aplenty -- engineers and electronics hobbyists are stepping out of their sheds with machines designed to fight, and the crowds are loving it.
Hungarian man accosts Israeli consul: 'Dirty Jews' - 4 hours ago
Israel's Consul to Hungary, Motti Rave, accosted while waiting outside a cafe with his son in Budapest and speaking in Hebrew; Hungarian Catholic university makes Holocaust education compulsory.
Lenovo looks to low-cost laptops with three new models - 7 hours ago
Just ahead of its Tech World event in Beijing, Lenovo reveals three new low-cost consumer laptops, including the entry-level 14-inch ideapad 100 starting at just $249.
Toronto theatre critics name their favourites of the year - 8 hours ago
Spoon River takes best musical nod, while Tom at the Farm selected as best Canadian play
Amtrak locomotives getting video cameras to monitor engineers - 8 hours ago
To improve safety, Amtrak will install video cameras to monitor the actions of engineers in locomotive cabs, Amtrak chief executive Joseph Boardman said Tuesday.
Most glaciers in Mount Everest area will disappear with climate change – study - 5 hours ago
About 5,500 glaciers could disappear or drastically retreat by the end of the century with severe impacts on farming and hydropower, say scientistsMost of the glaciers in the Mount Everest region
New stolen generation play wins Katie Beckett $20,000 Balnaves Award - 7 hours ago
Inspired by her own experiences with child protection services, actor and writer Katie Beckett has written a play about the new stolen generation, and has already won an award for it.
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