Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe named new African Union chairman
france24.com - 12 hours ago
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Mitt Romney announces he won't run for president
cbsnews.com - 18 hours ago
The 2012 GOP nominee had been considering a third bid for the White House
Matt Damon And Ben Affleck Admit To Deflategate On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'
huffingtonpost.com - 8 hours ago
This is wicked awesome. After all the controversy and hilarious news conferences with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, Deflategate is getting blamed on a locker room attendant. Now, the problem is
Hagrid is in the Hospital
time.com - 4 hours ago
He got sick on the way to a Harry Potter convention.
Boris Johnson: jihadis are porn-watching 'wankers'
guardian.co.uk - 10 hours ago
London mayor says men who fight with Islamic State are ‘very badly adjusted in their relations with women’ because of sense of failureBoris Johnson has described men who go to fight with Islamic
Hubble Finds Galaxy's Stars Scattered Far from Home
discovery.com - 11 hours ago
This mesmerizing observation by the Hubble Space Telescope shows galaxy NGC 7714 in a state of turmoil.
‘Game of Thrones’ Season 5 Trailer Shows the Sand Snakes, Another Wedding
variety.com - 7 hours ago
“Game of Thrones” made its Imax debut last night, and with it came the first trailer for season five, featuring old favorites and new faces as the battle for the Iron Throne rages on. The trailer
Mom Says She's Afraid Of 16-Year-Old Daughter And Sleeps With A Bat (VIDEO)
huffingtonpost.com - 17 hours ago
Ann and Mike describe their existence as parents to 16-year-old Kristi as a living nightmare.“I’m afraid of Kristi when she gets violent,” says Ann, pointing out that Kristi has bashed doors
Rick Perry's Attorneys Again Seek Dismissal Of Felony Case
huffingtonpost.com - 7 hours ago
AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry's legal team for the third time is seeking to have felony abuse-of-power charges against him quashed.Attorneys filed a motion Friday raising minor
Toronto is world’s best city to live in, Economist study says
theglobeandmail.com - 11 hours ago
Montreal is the second-best, with Stockholm, Amsterdam and San Francisco rounding out the top five
Chelsea's Costa gets three-match ban
bbc.co.uk - 11 hours ago
Chelsea striker Diego Costa is banned for three matches after stamping on Liverpool's Emre Can.
This Adorably Unusual Pit Bull-Dachshund Mix Is Real And Basically Means Unicorns Probably Exist
huffingtonpost.com - 5 hours ago
Just when you think you've seen it all -- think again.The Moultrie Colquitt County Humane Society in Georgia shared photos of a very special pup that's available for adoption on its Facebook page
Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman Are Black Heroes
huffingtonpost.com - 5 hours ago
There are few words more insidious to me than the word "thug." It's a dog-whistle, a code word -- "nigger" in socially acceptable clothing. I say this because the term "thug" -- which was originally
‘We are so proud' – the women who died defending Kobani against Isis
guardian.co.uk - 14 hours ago
This week Kurdish forces took full control of Kobani, a Syrian town near the Turkish border, after months of bombardment by Islamic State. Mona Mahmood speaks to four Kurdish families about the
Release of Next ‘Game of Thrones’ Novel Will Not Happen in 2015
time.com - 9 hours ago
Fans will have to make do with a compilation of prequels rather than the next instalment in the saga
'Suge' Knight Interviewed Following Deadly Crash
abcnews.com - 18 hours ago
Rap mogul Marion "Suge" Knight was behind the wheel in a fatal crash in Compton, California, according to his attorney.
Marshawn Lynch Playing Rob Gronkowski In 'Mortal Kombat' Puts The Super Bowl To Shame
huffingtonpost.com - 17 hours ago
Warning: This video is graphic. This is a flawless victory for the Internet. Super Bowl XLIX starts this Sunday, but first Marshawn Lynch and Rob Gronkowski are facing off in something even bigger:
WATCH: Actor Stephen Fry slams ‘capricious, mean-minded’ Christian God as ‘utter maniac’
rawstory.com - 7 hours ago
In an interview to be broadcast on Irish TV, English actor and author Stephen Fry didn’t mince words about what he would say to God if he died and went to heaven, calling him “capricious
First Ever Law To Protect Gay 'Cure' Introduced in Oklahoma
huffingtonpost.com - 9 hours ago
Gay rights advocates have made significant progress in the fight to discredit and ultimately ban conversion therapy, a practice that claims to "cure" gay people. The mainstream medical community is
Student fury over 'impossible' exam
bbc.co.uk - 11 hours ago
Final year economics students at Sheffield University are furious after an exam this week contained "impossible" questions.
Chelsea close to £23m Cuadrado deal
bbc.co.uk - 13 hours ago
Chelsea are close to finalising a £23.3m deal to sign Fiorentina's 26-year-old Colombian winger Juan Cuadrado.
Humans of New York blogger raises more than US$1 million for students
smh.com.au - 15 hours ago
What started out as a fail for blogger/photographer Brandon Stanton has turned into a major success for him and a group of Brooklyn, New York, schoolchildren.
Teen isolated over cancer hair shave
bbc.co.uk - 13 hours ago
A teenager who shaved his head to raise money for a cancer charity is put into isolation for breaking school rules.
Men who post a lot of selfies more likely to be psychopaths, study shows
cbsnews.com - 18 hours ago
Researchers say men who posted more selfies to social media than others scored higher on measures of psychopathy and narcissism
J.J. Watt will train in a log cabin in the 'middle of nowhere'
sportingnews.com - 3 hours ago
How else would you expect a beast to train?
First Black NFL Draftee Reunites With High School Rival
msnbc.msn.com - 18 hours ago
George Taliafierro and Carl Biesecker were football rivals in segregated Gary, Indiana, in the 1940s, and became friends after a big game.
Kirkuk is an oil-producing northern Iraqi city
cnn.com - 14 hours ago
Militants took over area southwest of the city after heavy clashes with Kurdish Peshmerga troops, whose highest-ranking operational commander was killed.
Officer pulls baby from hospital rubble
cnn.com - 16 hours ago
A gas explosion leveled part of a maternity hospital in Mexico City, killing a nurse and two babies in the blast. Dozens were injured.
You Can Sell Your Poop For $13,000 a Year
time.com - 7 hours ago
Some patients need fecal transplants to aid their digestive system
Sarah Palin inadvertently becomes co-chair of Hillary PAC after disastrous Iowa speech raises $25K
rawstory.com - 9 hours ago
Sarah Palin’s rambling, incoherent speech at Iowa’s Freedom Summit proved to be as profitable for a potential Hillary Clinton presidential run as it was detrimental to any future Palin political
NYPD to launch a beefed-up counterterrorism squad
nypost.com - 16 hours ago
The NYPD will launch a unit of 350 cops to handle both counterterrorism and protests — riding vehicles equipped with machine guns and riot gear — under a re-engineering plan...
Globe-trotting chef Bourdain discovers Camden's Donkey's Place
philly.com - 18 hours ago
Celebrity chef and television host Anthony Bourdain has traveled the globe in pursuit of culinary adventures for his travel and food shows, sampling delicacies such as cobra in Vietnam, iguana in
Chris Kyle Day announced in Texas by Abbott
chron.com - 4 hours ago
Earlier today Governor Greg Abbott announced that Monday, Feb. 2 will be designated as Chris Kyle Day in the state of Texas.
Netanyahu Is Talking To Leading Democrats To Little Effect So Far
huffingtonpost.com - 17 hours ago
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel has been reaching out to leading Capitol Hill Democrats to try to ease criticism over his coming address to Congress, but has made little progress.
Stop Gushing About Amal Clooney’s Human Rights Work
time.com - 9 hours ago
You're not fooling anyone
Burglars jailed for lecturer attack
bbc.co.uk - 9 hours ago
Four burglars who savagely beat a university lecturer at his London home are given jail sentences of up to 19 years.
Ex-cab driver is on Most Wanted Terrorists list
cnn.com - 18 hours ago
In under three years Liban Haji Mohamed has gone from driving a cab in Washington, D.C., to a spot on the FBI's Most Wanted Terrorists list.
How Ayn Rand became a big admirer of serial killer William Hickman
rawstory.com - 18 hours ago
There’s something deeply unsettling about living in a country where millions of people froth at the mouth at the idea of giving health care to the tens of millions of Americans who don’t have it
Brian Urlacher explains his beef with former Bears GM Phil Emery
chicagotribune.com - 18 hours ago
Brian Urlacher's dislike of Phil Emery is no secret. The former Bears star linebacker didn't appreciate how Emery, then the general manager, handled his contract negotiation after the 2012 season.
Supreme Court strikes down Saskatchewan law that prevents right to strike
cbc.ca - 18 hours ago
The Supreme Court of Canada has struck down as unconstitutional a Saskatchewan law that prevents public sector employees from striking.
Husband Finds Beautiful Note Late Wife Left Before Her Death Reminding Him To 'Smile'
huffingtonpost.com - 8 hours ago
One widower has found solace in his late wife's touching words.Jimmy Breland of Cleveland, Mississippi, was married to his wife, Billie, for 60 years. When she fell ill late last year and had to be
Study finds nine car models that could save your life
usatoday.com - 7 hours ago
The list shows how much car safety has improved        
Gabriel 'could cost goals' - Wenger
bbc.co.uk - 12 hours ago
Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger says new signing Gabriel Paulista's lack of English could cost goals as he settles in.
20 Hilarious Quotes From A Precocious Little Girl Named Greta
huffingtonpost.com - 6 hours ago
Two years ago, mom and advertising art director Lacey Ellis was looking for a way to remember all of the sweet, sassy, and funny things her 3-year-old son said on a daily basis. "He would say things
Castaway Who Spent Year Lost At Sea Sued for $1M
msnbc.msn.com - 18 hours ago
Jose Alvarenga is being sued by his lawyer and has lingering health problems but is "very grateful to be alive" a year after his oceanic odyssey.
WATCH: Idaho Republican nearly cries as committee kills bill banning LGBT discrimination
rawstory.com - 8 hours ago
A Republican state lawmaker in Idaho voted against legislation to prohibit discrimination against gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people — but appeared genuinely upset about the fate of the
Pensioner, 78, Gets Tax Bill... For £4.7bn!
sky.com - 9 hours ago
Former builder Doug Yeomans, 78, is told he must pay £950m a month by direct debit to clear his debt.
Disney introduces Elena, its first Latina princess
cnn.com - 10 hours ago
Disney announced Thursday that its newest princess will be Elena of Avalor, a 16-year-old character inspired by "diverse Latin cultures and folklore."
Meet Rodrigo Alves, The New 'Human Ken Doll'
huffingtonpost.com - 6 hours ago
After spending more than $250,000 on plastic surgery procedures, Rodrigo Alves has been dubbed the new "Human Ken Doll." Alves, a 31-year-old flight attendant who was born in Brazil and lives in
Kyle MacIntosh's brave battle ends
denverpost.com - 18 hours ago
Hundreds of people posted messages on social media sites Thursday night praising Kyle MacIntosh and the life he led.
Iranian film on prophet Muhammad set for premiere
guardian.co.uk - 12 hours ago
Majid Majidi’s Tehran-backed production telling the story of Muhammad’s early years to be shown at Iran’s Fajr international film festivalAs controversy swirls on how the prophet Muhammad is
Here's Chris Christie Falling Out Of A Chair
huffingtonpost.com - 6 hours ago
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) fell out of a chair once, and unluckily for him, it was caught on video. Christie took a tumble in June 2014 during an interview with SportsRadio 94WIP. The radio
​Russia increases gold purchases by 123%
rt.com - 11 hours ago
The Central Bank of Russia bought a record amount of gold in the first 11 months of 2014 spending an estimated $6.1 billion. Increasing gold reserves attempts to reduce dependence on the dollar amid
Djokovic in Australian Open final
bbc.co.uk - 11 hours ago
Novak Djokovic beats defending champion Stan Wawrinka in another dramatic five-set contest to reach the Australian Open final.
New Dragon-Like Dinosaur Discovered in China
time.com - 9 hours ago
The Qijianglong has a neck that's half the length of its body
'I'm Not Staying Here': Fugitive Teen's Courtroom Rant
msnbc.msn.com - 18 hours ago
A Kentucky teen accused of a multi-state crime spree refused to stay in court on Thursday.
Good job, guys: Aussie author remembered for her weight
cnbc - 18 hours ago
Colleen McCullough is likely Australia's best-known writer, but one Australian daily thought her weight was more important than her work.
John Kerry Ticketed For Failing to Shovel Sidewalk
abcnews.com - 18 hours ago
Secretary of State John Kerry was ticketed for not shoveling a sidewalk of his Boston residence.
​Bill would let Texas teachers legally kill students
rt.com - 5 hours ago
Schoolteachers in Texas will be allowed to use lethal force against students without risking legal repercussions if a new bill being considered in the Lone Star State’s legislature becomes a
Wolfsburg 4-1 Bayern Munich
bbc.co.uk - 2 hours ago
Bayern Munich suffer a first meaningful Bundesliga defeat in over two years as they lose to second-placed Wolfsburg.
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