Never too late: In elementary school at 92 - 7 hours ago
She grew up in Kenya under colonial rule, when women didn't get an education.
Iraq launches Tikrit operation - 6 hours ago
Iraq launches military operation to recapture Saddam Hussein's hometown of Tikrit from Islamic State, Iraqi TV says.
Top 10 alternative city breaks in Europe - 7 hours ago
For great-value city breaks, look past the capitals and big names; some of Europe’s liveliest cultural scenes are in its smaller citiesWhy go?While Bruges can sometimes feel a little like a tourist
Queen's new coin portrait unveiled - 2 hours ago
A new coinage portrait of the Queen is unveiled, but the image will only appear on coins later this year.
Lonely monkey goes on first date - 7 hours ago
Daisy, a lonely 50-year-old monkey, goes on a successful first date following the death of her partner.
The Lenovo Pocket Projector pairs with your phone - 6 hours ago
The Lenovo Pocket Projector lets you share photos, videos and presentations from your phone.
Hospital food is a recipe for disaster - 7 hours ago
The new guidelines are pathetic. Patients deserve so much better than plastic containers filled with sweaty cheese, dabs of marge and unidentifiable grey mush Continue reading...
In charge of truth? Google considers ranking sites on facts, not popularity - 7 hours ago
Google is considering putting itself in charge of online truth, in order to assist users in an age of information overload. The web giant would rank search results based on each site’s 'truth
Los Angeles police shoot dead homeless man after street altercation - 7 hours ago
A video taken by a passerby appears to show police officers wrestling the man to the ground before shots are heard Police officers shot and killed a homeless man in downtown Los Angeles on Sunday in
Madonna to tour Australia for the first time in 23 years - 1 hour ago
It has been almost a quarter of a century since her last performance on Australian soil - now, at the age of 56, Madonna is set to return as part of her Rebel Heart tour.
Aleppo rebels reject UN plan for temporary truce - 4 hours ago
Opposition council snubs UN envoy Staffan de Mistura's proposal for a six-week ceasefire in northern Syrian city.
16-year-old jumps from second floor of Ala Moana, in serious condition - 8 hours ago
A 16-year-old boy is in serious condition after he jumped from the second floor of the Ala Moana Shopping Center and landed on the first floor. Officials say the boy was involved in a theft case and
Obamacare Faces Toughest Test in Supreme Court Challenge - 8 hours ago
The Supreme Court is preparing to hear a challenge to the Obama health care law that could deal it a crippling blow, if not a fatal one.
Ebola nurse to sue hospital - 4 hours ago
She was the first person to ever contract Ebola in the United States, and now she's going to suing the hospital where she got infected.
Livestream wants to democratize live broadcasting and is offering this little box to do it - 8 hours ago
For less than $300, the pocket-size Broadcaster Mini can wirelessly broadcast live 1080p video to millions from any camera with an HDMI output.
A New Treatment For Migraine Is Showing Promising Results - 6 hours ago
Researchers say the procedure can drastically reduce pain and sensitivity to migraine triggers
'Nothing has changed on Pietersen' - 4 hours ago
The ECB says "nothing has changed" with its stance on Kevin Pietersen returning to the England side in future.
More Winter Storms on the Way for Large Swaths of U.S. - 8 hours ago
Another band of bad weather is moving across the U.S. on Monday, promising powder and another blast of wintry weather after February's record-smashing cold.
Sources: Sixers waive newly-acquired McGee - 6 hours ago
The Philadelphia 76ers have waived newly-acquired center JaVale McGee, according to league sources.
Williams could leave Swans - Savage - 4 hours ago
Robbie Savage says Swansea City and Wales captain Ashley Williams should be playing for a top six Premier League club.
Ambulance Services Spent £5m On Private Crews - 7 hours ago
A Sky News investigation finds thousands of hours were wasted as ambulance crews were forced to wait outside A&E over the winter.
ISIS war on Twitter: Jihadists urged to kill founder, employees - 6 hours ago
The Islamic State has reportedly declared war on Twitter by issuing threat against its co-founder and employees, calling on supporters around the world to avenge the online service’s decision to
The world’s most spectacular stock exchanges
cnbc - 7 hours ago
The world’s stock exchanges are a frenzy for trading activity. Ahead of the Global Financial Market Forum, we look at some of the most spectacular.
North Korea Launches 2 Missiles Into Sea to Protest U.S. War Games With South - 8 hours ago
South Korea condemned the North Korean missile tests as a “saber-rattling provocation” and a violation of United Nations resolutions.
Nationwide unions' day of action against government's workplace relations agenda - 5 hours ago
Tens of thousands of workers will swamp Australian city centres on Wednesday when the union movement ramps up its attack on the Abbott government's workplace relations agenda.
Namibian President Pohamba wins lucrative African award - 2 hours ago
Outgoing leader named winner of Mo Ibrahim award worth for leadership in Africa at ceremony in Nairobi.
Sony Mobile Unit Seeks Profit, Innovation - 3 hours ago
Sony’s struggling mobile unit can’t be justified at a low profit margin and won’t tie itself to smartphones or even hardware, its new president says.
‘All about money’: NATO spending debate focuses on ‘Russian threat’ - 2 hours ago
NATO member-states unwilling or unable to help boost the military spending are being accused of ignoring the “Russian threat,” that has re-emerged as the core of the alliance’s agenda to boost
25 days of horrific heatwave hell - 6 hours ago
IN one Aussie town, temperatures have nudged 40-plus for 25 days straight. With no end in sight, locals tell how they’re coping.
Fisherman Jailed for Harvesting 186,000 Pounds of Bass - 8 hours ago
A Maryland fisherman has been sentenced to a year and a half in prison for his role in the illegal harvesting nearly 200,000 pounds of striped bass.
Keurig's new compact coffeemaker makes a splash in fresh kitchen-friendly colors - 8 hours ago
Keurig brings its new K200 coffeemaker to the table complete with splashy, foodie colors.
VIDEO: Baby orangutans need new mum - 3 hours ago
Staff are hoping two Sumatran orangutans will find new mothers at Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre in Dorset.
Five Qld greyhound trainers banned for life - 3 hours ago
UPDATE: FIVE Queensland greyhound trainers have tonight been banned for life in the wake of the shocking live baiting scandal which has rocked the sport.
What is Scotland's punniest shop name? - 6 hours ago
What is Scotland's punniest shop name?
New income-splitting measure for families: 8 things you need to know - 8 hours ago
The most important change this tax season is the family tax cut — announced by Ottawa last October — but it’s so new, many Canadians don’t know much about it. We launch our annual tax section
Caught on Camera: 7 Hunted After Brawl in Bronx Deli - 8 hours ago
Authorities say the suspects took $56 in cash and two cell phones.
Members of €32bn Danish pension funds to vote on fossil fuel divestment - 7 hours ago
Series of resolutions asks six of Denmark’s pension funds to drop their ‘black money’ investments in coal, oil and gas projects that cause climate change Hundreds of thousands of academics
MISSING: Shania Hawthorne, 15, from Haines City - 3 hours ago
Shania Hawthorne, 15, has gone missing.  She was last seen at the Trinity Worship Center in Haines City on February 22. 
Israelis charged with smuggling raw materials into Gaza for Hamas military use - 4 hours ago
Cleared for publication: Indictments filed against three Israelis who smuggled materials into Gaza in return for money, thereby helping Hamas rejuvenate; defendants say they were only trying to make
Hollywood attorney's Roofie Blockers designed to help prevent date rape - 8 hours ago
What is pink, made of silicone and designed to cover just about any drink?
Melbourne cricket ground pie and chips to be had for under $10 after price cut - 7 hours ago
Melbourne Cricket Club has announced the price reductions as part of an ‘affordable, family-friendly food and beverage offering’ at the MCG Continue reading...
Vintage photos of the 1960s in N.J. - 1 hour ago
In the 1960s, I was a youngster ... a mere observer. My older brother, though, "grew up" in the '60s. So, I watched as he played his first Beatles album on a Sears portable stereo, joined a band
Miriam on Abbott: ‘He’s a tit’ - 51 minutes ago
THESPIAN Miriam Margolyes has challenged politicians on Q&A tonight to raise taxes, tackled antisemitism and called Tony Abbott “a tit”.
The Lenovo A7000 is a $169, 5.5-inch 4G LTE smartphone with Dolby sound - 6 hours ago
This big-screen smartphone won't break the bank. Read on for everything you need to know.
Police boss move to cost £500,000 - 8 hours ago
The crime commissioner in Devon and Cornwall will spend £500,000 on relocating his offices to police headquarters.
Body at Richard III site 'was woman' - 7 hours ago
A coffin-within-a-coffin discovered next to Richard III's remains contained a woman, who could have been an early Church benefactor, experts reveal
Everyone hated Apple for this - 6 hours ago
TECH aficionados used to hate Apple for doing these things to their phones, but now every big phone company is following suit.
John Hemmes: the Merivale patriarch's triumph over adversity - 3 hours ago
Last year the Hemmes’ family invited me to capture the life story of its patriarch, John Hemmes, the head of Merivale Group and one of Australia’s most remarkable businessmen.
Silent Circle Blackphone 2 and Blackphone+ tablet aim to beef up mobile privacy - 4 hours ago
Silent Circle has announced a sequel to its privacy-focused Blackphone, as well as a secure tablet.
Microsoft's 5.7-inch Lumia 640 XL is big and cheap (hands-on) - 5 hours ago
This 5.7-inch beast of a midrange smartphone goes a step past the Lumia 640 in size and specs.
Xperia Z4 Tablet is Sony's skinniest-ever waterproof 10-inch slate (hands-on) - 7 hours ago
At only 6.1mm thick, the Xperia Z4 Tablet is the slimmest tablet Sony has made, but still packs a 2K screen and octa-core chip inside its waterproof frame.
VIDEO: How tidal lagoon power plants work - 5 hours ago
The BBC's Roger Harrabin has been to the site of one of six tidal lagoons planned in the UK to see how it would work.
Prince William meets China president Xi Jinping in boost for ties with Beijing - 6 hours ago
Duke of Cambridge meets the president in Beijing’s Great Hall of the People and extends Queen’s invitation for Xi to visit the UKRelations between the UK and China have taken a significant step
Casssetteboy remix the news: bribes for dodgy donors and Ed Miliband confesses – video - 3 hours ago
Mashup artists Cassetteboy edit the last month's TV news coverage, including David Cameron's promise to dodgy donors; tough questions for Nick Clegg; Fifa's revised plans for the Qatar World Cup;
Government, Labor block calls for investigation into Adani coal development - 4 hours ago
The federal government and Labor have used their numbers to block an inquiry into which companies or individuals control Australia's largest coal development.
North Korea, angered by drills, fires short-range missiles - 7 hours ago
SEOUL (Reuters) - North Korea fired two short-range missiles off its east coast on Monday, South Korean officials said, a defiant response to annual military exercises between South Korea and the
Reduced BBC bad for UK - Tony Hall - 4 hours ago
A BBC "reduced in impact and reach" will leave Britain "diminished", the corporation's director general Tony Hall will warn in a speech.
15 tons: Huge border pot bust - 6 hours ago
When searching for hidden stash, an obvious place to check is the mattress.
Football transfer rumours: Mateo Kovacic to Everton? - 4 hours ago
Today’s tell-all has a rumbling tummyIn much the same way that José Mourinho needs to feed himself with titles, your gluttonous Rumour Mill feels compelled to gorge itself on transfer speculation
Brown: 'State could own oil fields' - 2 hours ago
Former prime minister and Scottish MP Gordon Brown believes under threat North Sea oil fields could be part owned by the UK government.
GP shortages put pressure on doctors - 4 hours ago
Where have all our GPs gone?
Google camera zips along rainforest - 6 hours ago
Google flew one of its Street View cameras down a zip wire in the Amazon rainforest to capture new images of the forest canopies.
Why now? ISIS frees Christians - 3 hours ago
Igniting a live man in a cage; severing the heads of dozens; kidnapping, raping and selling women and children -- ISIS' shocking maltreatment of its captives has become regrettably predictable.
Afghan Army Takes On Taliban in First Solo Offensive - 3 hours ago
The Afghan army hopes to prove it can rout the Taliban without the aid of U.S. or NATO troops
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